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DC Icons Booster Gold and Blue Beetle, Etrigan figures cancelled

One of the most exciting developments of San Diego Comic Con 2016 was the expansion of the DC Icons line. DC Collectibles seemed fully all-in with reveals of Deadshot, Sinestro, a Jim Balent style Catwoman and a Booster Gold and Blue Beetle two-pack. Unfortunately, retailers have not been as excited.

There were some rumblings after Toy Fair this year that the line was in a weird place. Of the announced figures at SDCC’16, only Nightwing was displayed. What was the deal with Booster and Beetle? And the rest of the lineup? Were they actually cancelled?


And if so, were we really going to be deprived of those sweet sculpts we saw from Facebook?

I reached out to DCC Vice President Kevin Kiniry for some clarification and hopefully some better news. At least at this point, there’s none to come.

Kiniry confirmed the Etrigan, Booster and Beetle pack were cancelled due to low retailer interest. From a financial standpoint it didn’t make sense for DCC to move forward, he said.

There is a slight sliver of (blue lantern) hope though as Kiniry said he hopes to revise that at a future date. For now, they’re off the market. So the lesson here? If you’re interested in DC Collectibles items it’s best to let your voice be heard with pre-orders. Unlike Marvel Legends or Star Wars figures where they’ll be available regardless, those pre-orders matter to DCC.