Make a dash for Justice League Action: Run

Without meaning to, I’ve probably played a dozen of the Rush/Run style games. That said, I’m pretty interested in Justice League Action: Run.

Justice League Action: Run features the style and look of the new Cartoon Network series and is now available on the Apple App Store and Google Play.

If you’ve played any dash game, you’re familiar with the game mechanics. Justice League Action: Run incorporates the Justice League character powers/abilities as well. Superman can fly and shoot heat vision, Batman uses Batarangs and Wonder Woman uses her invisible jet.


Justice League Action Run Batman vs Joker

Beyond the game, players can check out new episodes of the original YouTube series DC Kids and access to DC Universe animated videos, comic books and news.

Justice League Action: Run Superman firing heat vision

The game looks pretty fun and since I always need something to kill time on my commute or waiting in lines, I’ll give it a shot.

Image Credit: Warner Bros. Entertainment