The Flash: Attack on Central City review S3, Ep. 14

A major improvement from last week, Attack on Central City was more in line with expectations of a Flash/Grodd rematch.

Perhaps all the budget was saved for this episode? We definitely got a much larger Grodd presence this week. Grodd had a pretty solid revenge plan in controlling a general with access to nuclear weapons. That is how you settle a score.

I appreciated Flash disarming the nukes in daylight. The show has too many important events occurring at night and just from a basic visual perspective, Flash and Arrow should look different.

It was very cool seeing a multi-speedster team-up. We’ve seen Barry & Kid Flash and Barry & Jesse Quick, but having the three of them onscreen together was a nice moment. But it wasn’t the speedsters who saved the day battling a budget-restrictive small horde of gorillas.


Now that we’re three deep, Harry is definitely my favorite Wells incarnation. He’s got the brilliance of the first one, redeeming qualities of the third and just enough surliness to provide a different dynamic among Team Flash. Harry lying about a fatal disease to keep Jesse with him was awful, but exactly what Harry would do.

Not like I dislike HR though as I’d solidly be on board for a HR and Harry focused episode…or series. Not picky. To get jewels like Weird Al is a renowned poet on his Earth just makes HR the character gift that keeps on giving.

It was Harry who had to give Barry the proverbial slap across the head when he considered killing Grodd his only option. Barry hasn’t viewed murder as a choice beyond Thawne and Zoom and it was weird that he even brought it up here. That’s an Arrow solution and a little too dark for The Flash.

The Flash Attck on Central City review - Barry, Iris and HR

Cisco came through again. This time with a little help from Gypsy. Free of Grodd’s mind-control, she eventually decided to help Team Flash. The writers tried to explain it away, but Cisco didn’t need Gypsy since he took the team to Earth-2 in the first place. Why exactly did he need her help to grab Solivar?

Nevermind. I’m not going to complain about Jessica Camacho getting more screen time. It was kinda weird that Cisco didn’t appear to get any rain on him while visiting Earth-19. And was that speedster there some form of Enemy Ace? Interesting.

Thanks to Solivar beating down Grodd — in a live action Flash TV show (!) — Central City was spared a gorilla invasion. I was kinda disappointed the fight didn’t really turn into a battle royal that needed Caitlin to unleash Killer Frost and Cisco to use his offensive Vibe abilities. Savitar doesn’t seem like a team effort villain.

Flash convinced Solivar not to kill Grodd since he spared him. BTW, why didn’t Barry use the same trick he used to beat Solivar on Grodd? Either way, I’m sure with Grodd safely in ARGUS custody he won’t break out and cause any problems for a good two, no, three weeks.

Barry does the proposal he should have done a few weeks ago when he asked Iris to move in. It was a nice overblown gesture, but would have been more effective earlier.

Team Flash won’t have much time to celebrate though as Savitar pops up and ambushes Wally on a burger run. I hope that definitively proves Wally isn’t Savitar so we can narrow down at least one suspect.

Attack on Central City fared much better than its Gorilla City counterpart. We got some fun gorilla warfare and another fun appearance from Harry Wells. Hopefully, the show continues its momentum with a renewed focus on Savitar.

Rating: 8.5 out of 10

Photo Credit: The CW