Marvel Legends Morbius figure review – BAF Absorbing Man wave

Morbius is one of those tragic Marvel characters. Like Lizard, he was a scientist with a bright idea that went sideways. Due to his unique status in the Spider-Man universe, he’s always been a popular character for figures.

A lot of Toy Biz collectors had a warped-mouth Morbius due to the soft plastic needed for the moving jaw. As far as action features go, this was a clever one. Mine has managed to withstand the deteriorating, but I was down for a more articulated version. Let’s see if Hasbro made a substantial upgrade.  

Packaging:  Morbius gets the standard Marvel Legends packaging that cleanly showcase the figure and accessories. He shares the package setup with Jack O’ Lantern so he only gets one portrait drawing along the side. The biggest hit to the joint packaging though is the bio is essentially worthless since it has to be vague enough to work for both characters.

Likeness:  Morbius has a great vampire expression. He’s got an intense, ready to chomp on necks head sculpt that’s very fitting for the character. Who wants a calm, thoughtful looking vampire? Hasbro is pretty good at selecting the appropriate base bodies for the figures and that’s the case here.

Marvel Legends Morbius figure review - cape up

As a vampire, he shouldn’t be brawny and wide, so this smaller body works great for him. I love the high collar. It’s a separate piece. If I wasn’t endlessly optimistic that Hasbro will eventually make a better version, I’d use one for my Banshee figure.

Scale:  Morbius doesn’t need to be physically imposing and works better as a regular sized guy. His figure is ideal for what I consider his appropriate height as he’s the same as the standard Marvel Legend figure.

Marvel Legends Morbius figure review - scale with Speed Demon, Miles Morales, Spider-Man and Toxin

Paint:  To convey a vampire visual, Hasbro went with a milky-like skin tone with a grey wash. When it’s applied correctly, the paint job looks great. I’ve seen a number of figures where the wash is too heavy, which throws off the entire paint job.

Marvel Legends Morbius figure review - throttling Spider-ManSince the collar is a separate piece, it doesn’t line up properly so there’s some of the black shirt peering past the collar. It is a minor thing, but it throws the look off slightly.

Articulation: Morbius has your standard Marvel Legends articulation. The two capes are helpful in this case since the spread cape works great for dynamic posturing poses, but the relaxed cape is likely the one more in use for action scenes. As usual, there’s no restrictions from the pose options and he can hit most conceivable poses.

Marvel Legends Morbius figure review - subduing Spider-Man

Morbius has:

  • neck
  • ball-jointed shoulders
  • bicep
  • elbow
  • wrist
  • wrist hinge
  • torso
  • waist
  • hip
  • thigh
  • knee (double-jointed)
  • ankle

Accessories:  As part of the Build-A-Figure Absorbing Man wave, Morbius comes with two mid-absorbing arms. For a regular pair, you’ll need to get the Ben Reilly figure. I appreciate Hasbro incorporating a powered-up and non-powered version. This was a smart way to use the BAF format.

Marvel Legends Morbius figure review - wide

I mentioned it earlier, but Morbius has two capes. The hanging down one will likely be the default option in crowded shelves. Good for Hasbro on providing cape options. That’s something I’d like to see them do more of with other caped heroes.

Marvel Legends Morbius figure review - choking Miles Morales

Worth it?  You can get Morbius now on Amazon for $10. That’s old school, original Marvel Legends price. For a 6” figure with a BAF part, you’re not going to get a better bargain.

Rating: 9.5 out of 10

Marvel Legends Morbius figure review - kneeling

Where to get it? You can find Morbius from a lot of online retailers. Toys R Us, Hasbro Toy Shop and Entertainment Earth.

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