Logan skewers box office with $85 million

Logan sliced and diced its way atop the box office with $85 million. It wasn’t a huge shocker that Hugh Jackman’s final performance as Wolverine dominated the box office.

Thanks to great critical response and strong buzz, Logan is in range to eclipse X-Men Origins: Wolverine as Jackman’s best spin-off opening. Origins opened to $85.05 million and Logan should top that with a solid Sunday performance.

In the process, Logan passes The Lego Batman Movie ($53 millionas the year’s best opening.

2. Get Out  – $24 million (2nd week, $74 million) Get Out had a solid second weekend. No one expected it to beat Logan, but it didn’t have a massive drop. The horror drama brought in $33.4 million its opening weekend.

Next weekend should prove interesting. With another decent, but not major drop, Get Out could hit the $100 million mark.

3. The Shack – $16 million (debut week) The Christian drama starring Octavia Spencer and Sam Worthington performed better than expected. With a $26 million budget, it won’t take much for it to turn a profit.

4. The LEGO Batman Movie – $11.7 million (4th weekend, $148.6 million) The animated film was a smart bet for Warner Bros. and it’s come close to doubling up its $80 million budget.

5. John Wick Chapter 2 – $4.75 million (3rd week, $85 million) The Keanu Reeves shootfest is also gunning for $100 million. Its also doubled up the first film’s $43 million gross.