The Walking Dead: Say Yes review S7, Ep. 12

There’s four episodes left in this season, but it was hard to tell from Say Yes. This was yet another lackadaisical episodes that play out like the equivalent of a lazy Sunday stroll. The sense of urgency and immediacy is missing. It’s evident that the writers want to stretch out the Great War against The Saviors as long as possible.

Not that Rosita isn’t trying to end things quickly. In her case, it’s a little too quickly. Rosita is largely coming off as a character with a death wish. She admitted as much to Gabriel. Still, it’s annoying the one time Rosita gets a featured storyline she’s being so moronic.

Rick is bracing for the war as well. First, he wanted to take a moment to enjoy the good life with Michonne. Say Yes was primarily an extended date night in the walker world complete with a trip to the carnival.


While making an extended supply run, Rick and Michonne stumbled onto a carnival ground packed with walkers. Slower pace aside, the writers have done a terrific job of coming up with fresh locations for walker warfare. The carnival grounds made for a nice backdrop to the carnage. While the show would never go to Dead Rising levels of absurdity, it’s fun to see the gang battle walkers beyond storefronts and the woods.

Rick wasn’t in a big hurry to return back with the supplies. He was appreciating this time with Michonne and hitting the pause button on the inevitable deaths of more of his friends. For Michonne, the others would be a tough loss, but losing Rick would take away her reasons for living.

I hated that moment when Michonne dropped her sword and was willing to embrace the walkers when she thought Rick was dead. That wasn’t in line with the character who a few weeks ago reminded Rick they’re the ones who fight.

The Walking Dead Say Yes - Tara and Rick

Now they’ve got a huge weapons cache and tons of food, the Alexandrites now have some much needed momentum. Rick gave the Garbage Gang most of the guns, but kept some for his crew. But soon Rick and company won’t have to ration out weapons. Tara seemed set to let Rick know about Oceanside and their mass weapons depot.

For now they’re short one sniper rifle. Rosita has it and she goes to the only person she knows will be down for her suicide mission — Sasha. It’d be a shame to lose them both, but at this point, they’re already lost and it’s just a matter of time. Hopefully they can take out a decent amount of Saviors on their way out.

Say Yes didn’t move a lot forward, but provided a fun new battleground as Richonne refocused and Rosita preps her kamikaze attack.

Rating: 7.5 out of 10

Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC