March Bashness 2017: First Round matches

We’ve had the reveal of all of the 32 teams competing in March Bashness 2017. Now it’s time for the most important aspect of any tournament — the seeding and bracket match-ups. There’s four regions: Encore: The Opera House, Unicorn Falls, Doomed: The Legion and The Firepit.

Here’s the first round-matchups. Remember, to cast your vote before March 10. You’ll see how the winning team advanced each round as we play it out. Definitely place your vote, but if you comment you’ll be entered to the grand prize of two free movie passes to any film this year or a $15 gift card for Shop WWE.

With the ground rules established, let’s look at the matches. Here’s the overall look at the bracket.


The Firepit

  • (1) Harlem Heat vs. (8) Legacy

Harlem Heat vs Legacy

The second generation stars look to utilize their shared family experiences to overcome the dominant WCW tag team champions. Can Legacy carve out the next step in their legend by extinguishing Harlem Heat or will the brother duo leave another team burning in the flames?

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  • (2) The Hart Foundation vs. (7) The Wyatt Family

The Hart Foundation vs The Wyatt Family

A battle of two families. The Hart Foundation look to make quick work out of Bray Wyatt’s subordinates or will the buzzards feast on a foundation of harts?

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  • (3) The Rockers vs. (6) The Hart Dynasty

The Rockers vs The Hart Dynasty

The match-up most experts predict will be the best match of the first round. The tag team specialists look to use their electrifying moves to flat line the next generation of the Hart family. Or could the Dynasty pull off the upset to set up a Harts vs Harts second round encounter?

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  • (4) APA vs. (5) Sheepherders

Sheepherders vs APA

Not for the wrestling purists. Expect plenty of violence and carnage as these two hard-hitting teams face off in one of the tournaments’ most brutal matches.

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Doomed: The Legion

  • (1) The Road Warriors vs. (8) Kane and X-Pac

Road Warriors vs Kane and X-Pac

The overall No. 1 seed looks to use their experience and grit to batter Kane and isolate X-Pac for a ticket to the second round. But it just takes an onslaught of educated feet and one chokeslam for Kane and X-Pac to take a shocking victory and bust brackets nationwide.

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  • (2) Demolition vs. (7) The Iron Sheik and Nikolai Volkoff

Demolition vs Sheik and Volkoff

Ax and Smash look to crush the foreign patriots as they have their sights firmly set on a regional final against the Road Warriors. With their savvy, experience and diabolical methods, Sheik and Volkoff can’t be counted out.

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  • (3) The Von Erichs vs. (6) The Nasty Boys

Von Erichs vs The Nasty Boys

Kerry and Kevin Von Erich might be away from the friendly confines of The Sportatorium, but they are prepping their iron claws to wrap around The Nasty Boys’ skulls. Knobbs and Sags look to use all of their ruthless hardcore skills to topple the vaunted Von Erichs.

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  • (4) Money Inc. vs (5) The Usos

The Usos vs Money Inc

While unable to buy off Jey and Jimmy, Ted DiBiase and IRS look to write-off the brothers Uso with their major experience edge and well-timed assist from their manager Jimmy Hart. The Usos’ natural athletic ability will keep Money Inc. off their toes that could possibly break the bank.

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Unicorn Falls

  • (1) The New Day vs (8) The Twin Towers

The New Day vs The Twin Towers

New Day will feel the power of Akeem and The Big Bossman so it’s important for them to think positive and use their quickness advantage. The Towers will look to flatten their opponents and bring the sunset to New Day’s tournament chances.

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  • (2) Tully & Arn vs (7) The Allied Powers

Tully and Arn vs The Allied Powers

Tully & Arn only pledge allegiance to dollars, titles, women and their fellow Four Horsemen. Their elite level tag team partnership should help them overcome the power of the Allied Powers. While holding the strength advantage, Lex Luger and the British Bulldog will have to stay focus if they hope to raise their hands in victory along with their country flags.

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  • (3) The Dudley Boyz vs. (6) The Wolfpac

The Dudley Boyz vs The Wolfpac

Sting and Kevin Nash better not turn their back on the Dudleys or they’ll be eating tables. Bubba Ray and D-Von have to be leery of the Scorpion Deathdrop or Jackknife powerbomb or their hopes of solidifying their epic run with a March Bashness trophy will be dashed in the first round.

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  • (4) Jeri-Show vs. (5) The Wild Samoans

Jeri-Show vs Wild Samoans

While Chris Jericho will have to rely on The Big Show to match power for power with Afa and Sika, his technical wrestling ability might be the difference maker in this battle of decorated tag teams.

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Encore: The Opera House

  • (1) Edge & Christian vs (8) Cryme Tyme

Edge and Christian vs Cryme Tyme

Edge & Christian have already made a space in their astonishing and totally awesome display case for the March Bashness trophy. Can Cryme Tyme put the clamps down on these Canadian heroes?

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  • (2) The New Age Outlaws vs (7) The Natural Disasters

New Age Outlaws vs The Natural Disasters

That tremor is either Earthquake and Typhoon stomping or the crowds singing along with the Outlaws. While at a definite power disadvantage, the Outlaws will do anything to even the odds to add March Bashness champions of the world to their tagline.

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  • (3) Los Guerreros vs (6) America’s Team

Los Guerreros vs America's Team

Eddie and Chavo aren’t afraid to lie, cheat and steal their way to the top, but to advance in the first round, they’ll need to avoid a Bionic Elbow and belly to belly.

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  • (4) The Shield vs. (5) The Miz & Morrison

The Shield vs Miz and Morrison

Another match that could be a first-round show-stealer. Both teams aren’t afraid to use underhanded tactics, which could make for a fun encounter.

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