The Flash: The Wrath of Savitar review S3, Ep. 15

While I’m still worried the bottom is going to drop out of this arc, The Wrath of Savitar was a great episode. Maybe the best one of the season so far.

Wally fessed up to having visions of Savitar, prompting Team Flash to put Julian through another round of Savitar channeling. The timing of this could have been better as it marked the third consecutive week of one character speaking through another.

In fairness, Tobin Bell voicing Savitar is far more sinister than the previous two weeks of Gorilla Grodd speaking through various characters. While cool, I’m baffled why Barry thinks Savitar would speak in anything more than riddles? Super villains don’t have a code of conduct or feel obliged to tell the truth, Barry.

Getting few answers on his own, Wally asks Cisco to vibe him to Iris’ future death. Despite the emotional trauma of seeing his sister being killed, Wally observes a very important fact — Iris wasn’t wearing a ring. Call it impromptu or calling it hedging his bets, but Barry proposed to stack the deck. It bothered me that Barry, who’s always been so thoughtful, didn’t ask Joe’s permission. I was glad that was a key point this week.

The Flash - The Wrath of Savitar - Caitlin, Cisco and HR

At some point, Barry has to finally learn that he can’t control his fate. All the event manipulation he tries won’t stop what’s destined to happen. And ironically, Barry helped ensure Iris wouldn’t have a ring with his pseudo-deception.

One of Savitar’s riddles might have been solved with the reveal that Caitlin held on to a piece of the Philosopher’s Stone. She was hoping it could remove all traces of Killer Frost. Team Flash looked real stupid at this point. Why wouldn’t they immediately destroy the stone shard? That’s the only way Savitar could escape the Speed Force after all.

It fell to Wally to be Savitar’s patsy. After an onslaught of visions, Wally takes the shard to toss into the Speed Force. He didn’t realize that was the exact worse thing to do. Now, Savitar is free as the Speed Force sucked Wally in.

For current DC Comics readers, this was a cool reverse spin on the DC Rebirth #1 with Barry unable to pull Wally back from the void. Savitar ‘villain-monologued’ for a bit explaining his master plan of tricking Wally and even managed a quick fight with Flash. I should have known better, but I really wanted Flash to rip off the mask and reveal Savitar’s identity in a Winter Soldier style moment.

The Flash - The Wrath of Savitar - Joe, Iris and Julian

But no, that secret has to be saved for another night. The Wrath of Savitar delivered in a major way. Then season’s big bad finally came off like a real threat. Now that he’s free in Flash’s world there’s no telling what he’ll do before going after Iris.

Rating: 9.5 out of 10

Photo Credit: The CW