WWE Elite 47A Big Boss Man figure review

One of the best aspects of the Monday Night Wars was it allowed neglected talent to head to the competing promotion for better opportunities. That was definitely the case with the Big Boss Man. He was lost in the shuffle in WCW despite being a third-tier member of the n.W.o. After jumping back to the WWF, he was immediately positioned as a major player as Vince McMahon’s bodyguard and a core founding member of The Corporation.

Mattel made a pretty solid early 90s version of Big Boss Man, but as a huge fan of The Corporation, a SWAT style Boss Man has been near the top of my Attitude Era list. With Elite 47A, that’s one more down. Let’s see if Boss Man has the goods or if I need someone to call the cops.

Packaging:  After another wave of the updated packaging, I think I prefer the previous setup. I do like the larger portrait on the back, but sticking the included accessories at the top left portion of the package is a weird place to stash them. Thanks to a successful WWE career, Boss Man has a healthy and well filled out bio and accolades card on the back packaging.

WWE Elite Big Boss Man figure review - with accessories

Likeness:  During this era, Boss Man frequently changed his look. I consider the raised collar version the definitive SWAT era look, but there’s plenty of other times he didn’t even wear a collared shirt. To help set him apart from The Shield members, I would have preferred to have Boss Man rocking a collar.

WWE Elite Big Boss Man figure review - scale with The Shield

Based on what we got it’s weird that it took so long to get this version of Boss Man. He’s most of the same parts. The biggest difference from the previous Boss Man is a new head sculpt. This is a better likeness and more intense, which fits his attitude during this time period.

WWE Elite Big Boss Man figure review - being stalked by The Undertaker

Scale:  At 6’6” Boss Man wasn’t a giant. He was an inch taller than The Rock and was The Corporation’s big man until the 6’10” Kane was acquired. He definitely has the height advantage over the 6’1” Stone Cold Steve Austin.

WWE Elite Big Boss Man figure review - scale with Kane, Triple H, The Rock and The Undertaker

The figure is a little tall, maybe about an inch more than he should be compared to The Rock. It also puts him too close to the taller giant characters like Kane and The Undertaker.

Paint:  With an all-black outfit there’s not a lot of opportunities to botch the paintjob. In this instance, it’s all about the paintjob on the head. That’s pretty solid with only a slight overspray on the goatee.

WWE Elite Big Boss Man figure review - using nightstick on Triple H

Articulation:  If you’ve grabbed a Roman Reigns figure in the past you know what to expect here. Boss Man has a decent set of range of movement with just a little hindered by the flak jacket.

WWE Elite Big Boss Man figure review - choking out Triple H

Boss Man has:

  • neck
  • ball-jointed shoulders
  • bicep
  • elbow
  • wrist
  • wrist hinge
  • torso
  • waist
  • hip
  • thigh
  • knee (double-jointed)
  • ankle

Accessories:  Boss Man comes loaded up with accessories. Hey, protecting Mr. McMahon isn’t easy work. He has the same handcuffs, nightstick and sunglasses that came with his original figure.

WWE Elite Big Boss Man figure review - with hood on

He does get one pretty sweet new accessory though in the balaclava he wore in his initial appearances back in the WWF.

WWE Elite Big Boss Man figure review - accessories in tray

In one of Mattel’s biggest recent goofs, Boss Man can’t actually hold his nightstick. It more or less loosely rests in his hands until the slightest bit of movement. That was really disappointing as that’s the one thing Mattel needed to get right with this figure. Fortunately it looks like the Shield Seth Rollins can hold it much more tightly. The nightstick is limp too and needs to get straightened out with a little.

WWE Elite Big Boss Man figure review - with nightstick and handcuffs

This would have been a great opportunity for Mattel to also toss in the Hardcore Title since he was one of the original titleholders. The sunglasses don’t fit as snug as I’d like either. They tend to pop up instead of resting further back on the head.

WWE Elite Big Boss Man figure review - with build a diorama

Like his wave mates, Boss Man contains a piece to the Build-A-Stage diorama. In concept, it’s a cool idea, but the piece is too small for a decent sized diorama and the stand pieces disrupt the visual of one big backdrop.

WWE Elite Big Boss Man figure review - about to attack Stone Cold

Worth it?  Boss Man is one of the easier characters in the wave to find online. He goes for the regular rate of $20, but he’s a prime candidate for an eventual price drop. I’m fine paying $20 since he was a big want in my collection.

Rating: 8 out of 10

Losing a little of the height and hands that could tightly hold the nightstick would make Boss Man perfect. As is, he’s a great addition to the Attitude Era ranks.

WWE Elite Big Boss Man figure review - with The Corporation

Where to get it?  Retail has been a wasteland as far as getting in the more recent lines. That makes Amazon the best option for those that want the figures in a relatively decent time frame.

Like the backdrop? It’s from Extreme Sets.com. Check out their amazing wrestling and various other action figure backdrops here.