Wonder Woman discovers she’s a unique Amazon in new trailer

The new Wonder Woman trailer dropped today. Previously, we hadn’t seen a lot of Wonder Woman’s past as an Amazon and that takes the forefront here. Wonder Woman’s training to be the fiercest Amazon warrior helps set her apart from Superman and Batman and I’m glad that’s given ample screen time.

Unlike her other superhero peers, Wonder Woman’s origin is pretty interesting. As an Amazon, Wonder Woman was trained to be a warrior and didn’t have it thrust upon her from her parents getting killed or having powers from birth.


I also like how the trailer continues to show a lighter tone that many complained was missing in the previous DC Cinematic films Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Suicide Squad.

While some folks have some doubts about it, I’m still very excited about the film. There hasn’t been anything revealed in any trailer to make me doubt this could be one of the year’s biggest movies.

Wonder Woman arrives in theaters June 2, 2017

Photo Credit: Warner Bros. Entertainment