The Walking Dead: Bury Me Here review S7, Ep.13

Bury Me Here might try and suggest otherwise, but I’m about to print some Richard Was Right T-shirts.

Richard has been trying for weeks to get The Kingdom off the sidelines. He knew The Saviors were just going to keep pushing and demanding more and more. And he was tired of it. Richard’s main problem was he knew that deep down everyone else knew he was right. They just needed a little push.

the-walking-dead-bury me here - morgan, jerry and king ezekiel

And without Phil Coulson hanging around, Benjamin had to take the bullet. Literally. In fairness, Benjamin was just too sweet, too caring and too naive to survive long-term here. Richard sacrificing himself wasn’t going to motivate King Ezekiel, Morgan and Carol to abandon their apathy. No, they needed the death of hope to shake them up.

Richard tried to do things on the up and up first appealing to Morgan, then Carol, then Daryl, Ezekiel after the Alexandria pitch before one last shot with Morgan. No one budged, so he had to go to an extreme.


The look on Ezekiel’s face when Benjamin bled out on Carol’s kitchen table proved that extreme measure was necessary. Now, The Kingdom was ready — finally ready to do what needed to be done.

But Richard still had to answer for Benjamin. And Morgan learned as badly as he wanted to stay detached, peace can only come after a great war. In a way, pacifist Morgan died as well. There was still traces of the honorable knight as Morgan dragged Richard to the gravesite with the ominous tombstone marked Bury Me Here.

the-walking-dead-bury me here - morgan

Morgan regained his fighting edge whopping up on some walkers. And then he told Carol the real story of Alexandria. Of how Negan ruthlessly killed Glenn, Abraham and others. This was the most significant event of the episode.

Carol is a one woman army when motivated, but she’d been such a frustrating character this season. Between treating The Kingdom members like crap and constantly shutting down Daryl and Morgan so she could have a prolonged time out was maddening.

But now that’s ready to rejoin the conflict, the battle is about to get a lot more interesting.

Bury Me Here definitely felt more important than some of the filler episodes this season. While The Kingdom (and Carol & Morgan) have been annoying at times with their view from the sidelines, this arc had a very satisfying payoff.

Rating: 9 out of 10

Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC