The Flash – Into the Speed Force review

Into the Speed Force was the inevitable turning point of this season. For too long, Season 3 has been skating along trying to play smoke and mirrors with its multiverse slew of problems. Like a shard driven through the day glo slot in Savitar’s armor, the first cracks came through tonight.

Barry was determined to get Wally from the Speed Force. Unlike his last tour, the Speed Force was a lot more resistant to Barry running around. Taking the forms of Eddie Thawne, Ronnie Raymond and Leonard Snart, the Speed Force worked to convince Barry he has to stop Savitar himself.

At this point it’s hard to see why the Speed Force would care who stops Savitar. Or why keeping Wally imprisoned mattered. Sure, Barry’s been breaking speed rules left and right, but stopping him pre-Flashpoint run seemed like a smarter interruption point. Still, it was great to see Snart back even if it was in just another vision.

As I’ve been watching 24, which waited until a character made a surprise return, the Arrowverse’s knack for spoiling big reveals felt even more annoying. If nothing else, the special guest appearances credits should be done two minutes into the episode and not linger on to the five minute mark.

The Flash Into the Speed Force - Barry and Jay

Fortunately the reveal of John Wesley Shipp’s appearance wasn’t completely ruined. Instead of showing up as Henry, he was back as Jay Garrick, here to bail Barry and Wally out of the Speed Force. Cisco grabbed him from Earth-3 and explained a speedster needed to stay behind to take Wally’s place.

This was the ultimate calling in a favor. ‘Hey Jay, I know I saved you from an endless existence trapped as Zoom’s prisoner. Would you mind hanging out in this endless existence for Wally until we get back to you?’ Barry and Cisco are some serious jerks for leaving Jay stranded.

And Jesse definitely earns a seat on the you’re a terrible friend/person section. How crummy a girlfriend did she look for rolling off to Earth-3 when Wally was at his lowest? The poor guy was traumatized and for her desperation to go save him, the minute he’s back she leaves? That made no sense. Violet Beane probably had a limited amount of episodes she could appear this season, but  this was a terrible way to write her off.

The Flash Into the Speed Force - Ronnie and Barry

Besides finding the chink in Savitar’s armor — so obvious that even H.R. discovered it — Jesse’s served no purpose since staying. If she was going to get saddled as the sideline speedster she should have left with her father. The writers seemed to have no clue how to incorporate Jesse into the mix. Fifty members of Team Flash is admittedly too much, but the characters need to be written off more logically. Like say Jesse taking Wally with her to Earth-3 so he can rehabilitate.

I really want to believe there’s more to Barry needing a break with Iris besides the typical CW romantic drama. Two weeks ago, all these relationships were solid. Now, Jesse doesn’t really want to do the short distance relationship any more and Barry decides he’s good on being with Iris.


I’m hoping this is Barry’s last desperate attempt to keep Iris safe by creating distance. That way Savitar won’t feel obligated to go after her since she’s no longer the apple of his eye.

For all this buildup this season, it seems little chance now that Savitar’s reveal is going to be incredibly underwhelming. Savitar felt like a far more formidable threat trapped in the Speed Force. Now Barry just has to crack the armor to take him out? It already seems anticlimactic regardless of who lies underneath the armor.

Rating: 6 out of 10

Photo Credit: The CW

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