Marvel looks to make X-Men astonishing again with ResurrXion

I’ve been on a strict low X-Men reading diet since they’ve turned Cyclops homicidal and Wolverine into a fossil. With the Avengers and even the Guardians of the Galaxy getting the bulk of the attention now, Marvel Comics looks to show a little more love to the X-crew with ResurrXion.

Besides giving my spell check nightmares, RessurrXion marks a new jumping on point for readers. On the heels of the terrific reception for Logan, an X-Men reset from Marvel comes right on time.
To help drum up interest for the big relaunch, Marvel released a special ResurrXion trailer. It features all the new look X-Men titles: X-MEN GOLD, X-MEN BLUE, GENERATION X, WEAPON X, ICEMAN, JEAN GREY, CABLE, OLD MAN LOGAN, ALL-NEW WOLVERINE and ASTONISHING X-MEN!

Here’s Marvel’s announcement:

Launching this spring in your local comic shop, these new, ongoing series bring fans a new beginning for these merry mutants – one that is sure to please fans old and new! You asked for it, you got it! The ResurrXion of the X-Men is here!


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This is just the beginning! The future of the X-Men is bright, and it’s all beginning this spring as part of Marvel’s ResurrXion bringing you a brand-new line of X-Men titles. Be there when it all kicks off in April when both X-MEN GOLD #1 and X-MEN BLUE #1 come to comic shops and digital devices everywhere! For more information on Marvel’s ResurrXion, visit


In the wake of war with the Inhumans, the X-Men regroup for a new era of action and excitement! Experience the next bold chapter in the saga of Marvel’s mutant heroes and it all begins this spring in your local comic book shop.

I’m the cranky Clint Eastwood here for the most part completely resistant to change with the X-Men’s latest reset. I’ve been on an extended hiatus since Cyclops got retconned into a mass murderer and the X-babies showed up. Maybe ResurrXion will rekindle my interest? We’ll see come April.

Photo Credit: Marvel Comics

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