Iron Fist Under Leaf Pluck Lotus review S1, Ep. 5

Under Leaf Pluck Lotus struggles to stay interesting when the focus wasn’t on Danny and Colleen. That’s the theme at this point of the season. In a traditional season layout, I’d bet the Meachums would be at the slowly phasing out point. With the Netflix setup, we’re stuck with them for the long haul. That’s not the best course of action.

The Hand is pushing the same old product with a new sales pitch and updated formula. But it probably wasn’t the short skirts and low cut blouses that helped The Hand’s new heroin strain. Sometimes you’ve just got to do it with style. I’ll say this for The Hand. They’re focused on this heroin market and aren’t about to let anyone stop them from being the sole distributor in New York.

Like most episodes, this got bogged down by that riveting subplot of Joy and Ward trying to relocate their conscience. The writers have given it an honest try and making them interesting, but they’re just not connecting no matter the scenario. These board member politics scenes continue to drag an already slow season down.


Claire Temple (Rosario Dawson) makes her obligatory Netflix show appearance. This time receiving private martial arts lessons from Colleen. Amazing workout shorts aside, Claire served no purpose this episode beyond playing random third wheel for Danny and Colleen’s impromptu date.

This felt more like a forced way to remind viewers the Netflix universe is all connected. At this point, I’d rather have the characters be more aware of each other like Danny watching a news report of Luke Cage battling Diamondback.

Danny didn’t just visit to show off his wealth. Mind you, Danny wasn’t bothered with showers a few episodes ago. Now he’s having restaurants set up dinner tables on the go. The writing for Danny has been incredibly inconsistent.

He wants Colleen’s help to prevent the heroin shipment. This led to Danny pulling off his Cage impression with raised hoodie attire. And I’m still hoping we get a costume for Iron Fist otherwise Daredevil is going to look kind of silly as the only costumed member of The Defenders.

Danny and Colleen don’t find heroin, but something more valuable — the chemist (Olek Krupa) responsible for the deadly strain. First, Danny has to battle The Hand guard aboard a semi-tractor trailer. This was a decent fight, but not nearly as fun as the previous episode. Naturally, the chemist manages to get stabbed in the rescue attempt. Danny isn’t so good at this hero thing just yet. Good thing there’s a doctor nurse in the house.

Under Leaf Pluck Lotus further steers Danny onto the path of becoming an interesting character, but the same is clearly not evident of the Meachums. And even with Claire Temple’s arrival, this episode lacked the excitement of the previous installment.

Rating: 7 out of 10

Photo Credit: David Giesbrecht/Netflix