Iron Fist Felling Tree with Roots review S1, Ep. 7

Despite a surprising death, Felling Tree with Roots was underwhelming. Maybe it was because the big death barely mattered? Or maybe this just seemed like a death for the sake of shock value than a meaningful shakeup to the season narrative?

In the big picture Harold was hardly a major player. At best he was trying to use Danny to beat The Hand, a goal already on Danny’s to-do list. And he wasn’t going to win any Father of the Year awards, but he was hardly a Tywin Lannister.

If anything, Harold seemed like he was on the verge of being useful after killing two Hand goons. Danny could use all the help he could get obviously and Harold was semi-competent.


Maybe Ward killing his daddy was cathartic for him, but it didn’t seem like a game changer. This hardly registered as important as the big death at the midway point in Luke Cage.

After battling Madame Gao’s assassins, Danny’s chi was drained. That should have been a more significant moment where Danny is at his most vulnerable, but it’s not like he constantly used the iron fist anyway. At best it was a minor inconvenience.

Fortunately, Colleen was available for some moral support. It’s been inevitable since that awkward dojo date, but Danny and Colleen finally hooked up. Does this recharge one’s chi? Asking for a friend.

This felt more obligatory — single guy, single girl, of course they hook up — as opposed to paying off this long-awaited romantic pairing. This is going to make that first Power Man & Iron Fist and the Daughters of the Dragon team up real awkward.

Colleen is still providing some surprises as she meets up with an old friend, Bakuto (Ramon Rodriguez). Their conversation suggests Colleen is letting on more about Danny than she’s revealed.

Iron Fist Felling Tree with Roots - The Hatchet Gang

Madame Gao paid Danny a visit at work, name checking Daredevil and Luke Cage (immediately being more useful on that front than Claire) and making a not so subtle threat to Claire and Colleen. Gao is a big time player and I see Danny quickly getting humbled in a battle of wits. Good thing Danny has the Triad/hatchet gang ready and willing to do some dirty work so he can maintain his honor. Being a savvy businesswoman, Madame Gao hightails it and heads to China.

While freeing himself of one burden by killing Harold, Ward still managed to get screwed over. And not in a chi-relieving kind of way either. The Rand Enterprises board has gotten tired of Danny’s crazy caring about others’ well being and stage a hostile takeover. Danny’s gestures have been well-meaning, but he’s gone about it so terribly, it’s hard not to agree with the board’s decision. And yet I still struggle to care.

Felling Tree advanced Danny’s rivalry with Madame Gao, but the Meechum subplot continues to take up valuable time on unlikable characters.

Rating: 6.5 out of 10

Photo Credit: Linda Kallerus/Netflix