The Walking Dead The Other Side review S7, Ep. 14

By the end of The Other Side, I was seriously considering Rosita more dangerous than Negan. At least with that barbed wire bat swinging psycho, he adheres to an admittedly warped code of honor. He’s a remorseless killer, yes, but his actions tend to make sense.

That’s not the case with Rosita. She’s unpredictable, reckless and starting to rack up a higher Alexandria body count than Negan.

The Other Side got off to a promising start with a really nice opening sequence sans dialogue. Not a lot of shows have the format to get away with it, but I could easily envision an entire episode without anyone speaking.


Healing was the theme of this week’s show. Still feeling guilty about his role in Glenn’s death, Daryl couldn’t bring himself to look at Maggie. Daryl used to have this lone wolf mentality, but now that he’s fully ingrained with the Rick pack, he’s tapped into emotions I doubt he knew existed.

Norman Reedus continually delivers on these choke you up moments. Daryl’s scenes with Maggie as they hid from The Saviors was the episode’s best moment.

Rosita and Sasha took Simon and The Saviors’ arrival as the perfect opportunity to leave The Hilltop and go after Negan. There’s Carl level of teenage logic recklessness and then there’s outright refusing to learn your lesson stupidity.

Negan made an example of Rosita by having Olivia killed and kidnapping Eugene. Apparently having learned nothing or just simply not caring about reprisal, Rosita’s back on the ‘I’m killing Negan!’ kick.  It’d be one thing if this was a kamikaze mission, but Rosita and Sasha have to realize there’s going to be major repercussions for their other loved ones. Their actions just make it look like they only just cared about Abraham.


Their tension over Big Red seems silly at this point so I was glad they finally got over it. Rosita shared her bada$$ origin of learning skills from her male ‘protectors.’ Typically, that means she’s next on the death list.

the-walking-dead-the other side - rosita and sasha

Simon and The Saviors aren’t on a supply raid this time, but want something even more valuable. Since Negan cremated the last one, The Saviors are in need of a new doctor. Never let it be said The Saviors just take, take, take. They trade him for a case of aspirin. Gregory seems to consider that a fair trade. I get that Gregory is in every meaningful way utterly shook, but this was one concession too far. This Maggie takeover can’t come soon enough.

This season needed a flashback episode of some random character who survived a Saviors onslaught previously. That would be better than constantly seeing the threat of The Saviors and we could fully see them from a position of power instead of the school yard bullies they’ve been portrayed as all season.

Sasha does have a chance to end it all, but doesn’t take the shot to kill Negan. Eugene is kind of in the way. This is baffling logic to me. If Negan doesn’t get killed right now he’s going to kill a lot more people than worthless Eugene. Take the shot Sasha!

Instead, they opt to break Eugene out. Eugene opts for the ice cream and stays behind, prompting Sasha to go behind enemy lines and keep Rosita out on the other side. But not to worry as it appears Dwight finds her and I’ve long since given up hope he’ll be redeemable this season.

It’s been incredibly frustrating to watch two of the show’s more underutilized females get the spotlight only to be wasted in a ridiculously idiotic plan. Sasha and Rosita deserved a lot better here.

Rating: 7 out of 10

Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC