Legends of Tomorrow – Land of the Lost review S2 Ep. 13

Land of the Lost saw the Legends journey to the center of Rip’s mind. As has been the case with a lot of this season, there were some great parts jockeying for attention with some not so awesome moments.

Since they’re a usually trusting bunch, the Legends didn’t bother accounting for any safeguards with the imprisoned Rip aboard the Waverider. Naturally, he overrode Gideon’s instructions and had enough time to destroy the Legion of Doom tracker device and crash the ship in prehistoric time.

Conveniently, the team remembers they’ve got access to a mind-altering device and can cure Rip. But first, they’ve got to travel into his mind to fix him. Despite the too pat setup, this subplot was great. Jax and Sara battled evil versions of themselves. Jax has stepped up the second half of the season and is fitting in well as Sara’s No. 1. While battling twisted versions of themselves and their teammates, they also met Rip’s vision of Gideon (Amy Pemberton).


For the first time in Legends’ history, Sara told a woman she was attractive and didn’t end the episode making out with her. Gideon’s computer love is solely for Rip. That’s an interesting (and kind of weird) way to go with the Rip/Gideon dynamic, but I would like to know more. Plus, Sara was right. Gideon is kinda hot.

The special effects team worked overtime this week with the Waverider crash, a T.Rex and a constantly powered up Firestorrm. Weird how this episode had a more active Firestorm when he was just a fabric of Rip’s imagination than the real one has been all season. I typically hate mirror images/twins sequences as it still looks too fake. The Sara and White Canary battle looked a lot better than the norm with well-constructed choreography and smart angles to sell the illusion.

Legends of Tomorrow Land of the Lost - Nate, Ray and Amaya

I wasn’t as big a fan regarding the Nate/Amaya and Ray subplot. They went to play fetch to find the missing equipment part that would allow them to get home. Seems like the kind of part that would be better served inside the ship than on the exterior…

Beyond the obvious gag of the TV show homage, it seemed silly that the group needed to dress for the environment. Couldn’t Ray just immediately track the part down in his Atom suit in a couple of minutes?

One major sticking point I’ve had with this season is how cavalier the team treats their time travel footprint. They constantly smash/demolish/obliterate history in order to clumsily complete a mission. The Flash saved his mom and screwed up an entire timeline. These guys do far worse every episode at this point.

Sure, Martin instantly popped out a daughter, but Legends consistently cheats the Arrowverse ‘rules’ of navigating through time. Of course Nate decides hooking up with Amaya is a better idea than preserving the timeline and ensuring modern Vixen is around to help beat Damian Darhk in the future. In fairness, Amaya looked ridiculously hot and was flirting all episode with him, but way to not be a hero, Nate.

Legends of Tomorrow Land of the Lost - Jax, Stein, Rip and Sara

While Rip is himself again, there’s still a little tension about him trying to kill everyone. This should lend itself to Rory and Rip bonding with something in common. Sara isn’t relinquishing her role as captain — a mistake since she’s better as the womanizing Wolverine character than having all those useful TV personality traits and being team leader.

This was another diversion episode to kill time before resuming the Legion of Doom conflict. The writers have been inconsistent about how urgent that quest is from week to week. While the overall season arc was sidetracked, Land of the Lost was pretty solid despite some legacy issues.

Rating: 8 out of 10

Photo Credit: The CW