First look at Black Panther movie set

Y’all may need to forgive me on this one. I’m pumped up for Black Panther so I might have a bit more exhaustive coverage than usual. Thanks to folks on location in South Korea, we get our first glimpse at the Black Panther movie set featuring a chase scene.

Black Panther movie set pic

The tunnel chase with Black Panther, Bucky, Captain America and Falcon was one of the cooler moments in Captain America: The Winter Soldier so it’s cool to see that echoed here.

내앞에 블랙팬서 #blackpanther #영화촬영

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I’m not a car guy, but I do like a cool blue car so that already got my attention. That Black Panther outfit is such a smart translation of comic to film that it works in any setting. Anyway, I make no promises not to randomly post some more cool behind the scenes shots like this one.

I absolutely can’t wait for Black Panther to hit theaters next year.

Photo Credit: Trilogia Nerd/Instagram