Marvel Legends Jack O’Lantern figure review

You’ll never hear me complaining about adding new villains to my Marvel Legends collection. Although I might complain about the execution. That’s the case with the new Jack O’ Lantern figure.

Well, not exactly new. As part of the Build-A-Figure Absorbing Man wave, most folks already have him. I’m just insanely slow in reviewing this wave.

Packaging:  Hasbro hasn’t mixed up the Marvel Legends packaging format. It’s simple in showing off the figure and accessories. Jack O’ Lantern shares the packaging with Morbius so he gets an extremely generic write-up. Just as well I suppose. Jack’s not going to be mistaken for a good guy all that often.

Marvel Legends Jack O'Lantern figure review - bio

Likeness:  I love the look of the figure. A flaming pumpkin head never fails to look eerie. There’s great detail here right down to the flames coming out of the eyes. Jack is mainly a reuse of the Ghost body from the Thunderbolts box set.

The spindly base body works well for lithe characters and helps distinguish him from the dozens of figures using the Bucky Cap mold. I wish Hasbro fixed the hip joints. The ball joints look terribly outdated at this point and make posing a pain. More on that soon.

Marvel Legends Jack O'Lantern figure review - scale with Rhino, Spider-Man and Daredevil

Scale:  Jack O’ Lantern stands taller than the average ML figure. But the scale is dead on in how it would look for a guy to have a helmet/jack o’ lantern.

Paint:  Most of Jack is done in a green jumpsuit. There’s no wash here, but the uniform folds help create some paint depth. The harness and belts are similarly simple in terms of paint apps. There’s some silver to add some details, but both the brown and silver are flat.

My figure had some overspray along the gloves and boot details. Jack’s most important element – the head – does have a nice darker orange wash. Hasbro gave the yellow ‘glow’ a striking shade to help it pop. The translucent flames have a terrific yellow and orange shading.

Marvel Legends Jack O'Lantern figure review - with Toy Biz Jack O'Lantern

Articulation:  And here’s where things go bad. Thanks to the spindly, throwback body, Jack O’ Lantern is a nightmare to pose. His ratchet click arms are a challenge to maneuver and the ball hips are equally frustrating. I suspect he’s going to be a constant display domino trigger since he can’t stand on his own for long.  He’s top heavy and the weak ankle articulation doesn’t offer much help in terms of stabilizing him.

Marvel Legends Jack O'Lantern figure review - vs Spider-Man

Jack O’ Lantern has:

    • neck
    • ball-jointed shoulders
    • bicep
    • elbow
    • wrist
    • wrist hinge
    • torso
    • waist
    • hip
    • thigh
    • knee (double-jointed)
    • ankle

Marvel Legends Jack O'Lantern figure review - vs DaredevilAccessories:  Some of the articulation issues are balanced out with the strong accessories. Hasbro probably knew he needed a lot of selling points on this front. Jack comes with a flaming broomstick. With a figure stand you’ll be able to get some fun poses with this piece.


Jack also gets a pumpkin bomb, which fits snugly in his hands. Also, he has a nifty scythe to help cut through spider-webs. That is best used in the right hand as it slides off endlessly on the left hand.

To further sell you on the figure he comes with the very necessary left leg for Absorbing Man. I suspect for some folks, that was the main incentive for buying Jack.

Marvel Legends Jack O'Lantern figure review - crouched with scythe

Worth it?  Jack has stuck at the retail price of $20-$21. He’s not worth that price thanks to the dated body, but at least he hasn’t skyrocketed to twice that price.

Rating: 6 out of 10

With a stand to prevent display destruction, Jack will be a lot more fun. Had Hasbro addressed the articulation issues this would have fared much better.

Marvel Legends Jack O'Lantern figure review - on broomstick

Where to get it?  Amazon is probably the easiest resource now, but Hasbro Toy Shop has him as well.