Justice League unites to battle parademons in new trailer

The new Justice League trailer dropped today. Lots to be excited about with this one. Looks to have a nice blend of action and character interplay. It still looks a little overly dark and moody — and I loathe Cyborg and Flash’s Savitar-inspired costume, but otherwise, this looks really solid.


I love how the new marketing for the movie is Unite the League. Earlier, I mentioned it was weird how the previous slogan was Unite the Seven despite all the promotional material featuring only six Justice League members, including the still absent Superman. I’m glad the trailers have thus far kept him out of the spotlight. That’s a smart move to keep building excitement for his return and allowing the other League members like Jason Momoa’s Aquaman to get some of the spotlight.

But how crazy would it be for Warner Bros. to deliver the ultimate crazy fan service moment and have Arrow’s Stephen Amell make a last minute cameo in the film as the seventh member? I’d be down for the sequel at any rate.


It was also cool seeing Mera (Amber Heard), Commissioner Gordon (J.K. Simmons) and Lois Lane (Amy Adams) make their Justice League debuts in the trailer. Look close enough and you’ll catch Henry Allen and Silas Stone, the respective fathers of Flash and Cyborg. I’m hoping the film doesn’t spend too much time on those characters as there’s only so much screen time and they’d be better served developed in the solo movies.

Justice League arrives in theaters Nov. 17, 2017.

Photo Credit: Warner Bros. Entertainment