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March Bashness 2017 – 2nd Round Results: Who advanced?

Despite my hope for a more competitive 2nd round, the leaders of the pack further established themselves. We’ve got one more round, but the Fatal Four seems to have already come together at this point. There’s just one team I’m unsure about. Onto the breakdown of the 2nd round action.

Far as the votes turned out this round, a few suspect votes came in after the Tuesday deadline to ‘advance’ a couple of teams. Those were very suspect as those votes didn’t translate to the other polls. So it’s back to Yop Poll since I can set an end date and avoid future shenanigans. 

Unicorn Falls region

(1) The New Day vs (5) The Wild Samoans

I didn’t like New Day’s chances long-term in the tournament. They had an early lead, but Afa and Sika would not be denied. I’m impressed with the Samoans’ showing in the tournament so far. Come next year’s tournament, I’ll definitely need to reseed them as voters clearly hold them in higher esteem than their No. 5 seeding this year. As for New Day? It was inevitable they were going to get rocked after barely holding on to beat The Twin Towers in the first round.

(2) The Hart Foundation vs. (3) The Rockers

This was a match we actually saw play out in the late 80s/early 90s and that probably hurt The Rockers. The sweep of The Hart clan didn’t pan out as The Rockers lost in almost as dominant a fashion as they beat the Hart Dynasty. Bret Hart and Jim Neidhart seemed like strong favorites heading in to the tournament and they’re close to being part of the Fatal Four.

The Firepit region

(2) Tully & Arn vs. (3) The Dudley Boyz

I was real interested in seeing how the votes would play out on this one. This was one of the most intriguing second round match-ups on paper with both teams dominating whatever promotion they traveled. The voters weren’t buying The Dudley’s chances though. Chalk that up to Tully & Arn constantly surviving encounters with The Road Warriors. This win gives the Horsemen the easy win setting up what would be a terrific dream match.

(1) Harlem Heat vs. (4) The APA

While The APA cruised to an easy win in the first round they were on the other side of this blowout. It makes sense that Harlem Heat would eventually just wear down APA. Stevie Ray could hang on the power end with either member and Booker T has the endurance and quickness to eventually knock them out for good.