DC Comics reviews for 3/29/17

Justice League of America #3

Justice League of America #3 cover

Justice League of America continues to be an odd read. Maybe that’s because so little of the opening arc has occurred in America. It’s a puzzling decision by writer Steve Orlando to put this new team in an international conflict with border issues and The Extremists involved.

In their early appearance back in Justice League Europe, The Extremists were a terrifying contrast to the more lighthearted tone. Here, The Extremists come off like generic, underdeveloped villains used just to provide some conflict.

But with Orlando attempting to tackle politics as well as establishing the new team, the title is still struggling to find its niche. There’s little to make the readers invest in this team beyond any existing attachments to the characters.

Justice League of America #3 interior art

Diogenes Neves steps in as artist this issue. Neves’ smooth style provides clean and focused panels despite the occasional soft character portraits. Colorist Hi-Fi offers vibrant colors that give an extra pop to the pages.

Justice League is missing something to make it click. Right now it’s floundering and just getting by on its name and hope the creative team can turn things around. At this point that optimism is seeming completely unfounded.

Rating: 5 out of 10