Legends of Tomorrow Fellowship of the Spear review S2, Ep.15

Fellowship of the Spear was already well on its way to being an enjoyable episode of Legends of Tomorrow from the historical run-in with J.RR. Tolkien, But then it went a step further with the reveal of the final member of the Legion of Doom … who sealed the deal by adding a new recruit.

Earlier this scene, the show runners created a major buzz with the news that Reverse Flash, Damien Darhk, Malcolm Merlyn and Captain Cold would be joining forces as the Arrowverse version of the Legion of Doom. But long after the first three teamed up, Captain Cold was stuck as a hallucination for Mick.

Fellowship of the Spear might not have totally redeemed the extended delay in Snart’s return to the show, but it proved the necessary game-changer to advance the final few episodes this season.


I was ecstatic Mick joined the party. Biased as I am toward Flash’s Rogues, it just made a lot of sense to give the Legion another member. They’re still a few members shy of being a real legion though. Maybe Black Siren, Gorilla Grodd and Supergirl’s Indigo could be called up for Season 3 recruits?

The Legends tracked down the Legion to its hideout at Vanishing Point to steal the final fragment of the Spear of Destiny. This was a bit anticlimactic after the nearly season long chase. Speaking of anticlimactic, Firestorm used his transmutation powers again … to turn a container into jelly beans. I don’t see how that wouldn’t be a more cost effective power than making him the Human Torch.

It was good to see Rip having some presence even if he’s not the captain, effectively serving as the team’s field commander. And for the 80th time, that dynamic is completely backwards as Sara is the non-powered, best fighter. She doesn’t need to be stuck at HQ barking out orders. That better-suited the laser blasting and more time conscious Rip.

The writing team showed good taste in not having the team travel to the Crucifixion to get drops of Jesus’ blood. There wasn’t a ton of jokey potential there anyway so the Legends do the next best thing and track down a soldier who might know where to find a vial of the blood. As far as random run-ins this season, J.R.R. Tolkien was the best as this showed the acclaimed writer on the battlefield during World War I.

Not surprisingly, the Legends unintentionally inspire Tolkien with lines directly citing or referencing dialogue from The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings. Subtlety is hardly this show’s strong suit. This military quest was about a hundred times more entertaining than The Monuments Men.

Legends of Tomorrow Fellowship of the Spear - Snart and Mick

Beyond the historical run-in, there was some strong character moments. Amaya fessed up to Sara that she saw her future and what would become of her village and daughter. The team cheats time so often that I still can’t fully buy in to any scenarios where they debate the issues of messing with the time stream. Which is why it was hard to fault Darhk for snatching a pre-Legends Snart and recruiting him to join the Legion.

And with Mick unintentionally tipping off their plan to Snart, the team quickly turned on him. That was a bit abrupt considering some of the shaky decisions the rest of the team has made this season. But it accomplished the goal of pushing Mick to the Legion and handing the spear over to his new crew. Nice job guys! At least Ray recognized they never fully trusted him. Dominic Purcell did a tremendous job of selling Mick still grieving his old partner. Mick’s betrayal could have felt too forced, but Purcell’s work made that turn much more genuine.

It definitely looks like the Legends are going to regret that right away as the fully assembled Legion taps in to the spear’s power. Merlyn chants something and everything fades to black. Well, that can’t be good for the Legends, but it made for a great cliffhanger.

Fellowship of the Spear put Legends on a terrific path for its home stretch. The Legion of Doom holds all the cards and the Legends are helpless. It’s going to be fun seeing how this season wraps as there’s a ton of potential to further shake the series up now.

Rating: 9 out of 10

Photo Credit: The CW