WWE Wolfpac Kevin Nash figure review Ringside Collectibles exclusive

Watching WCW finally overtake WWF as the mainstream No.1 promotion was incredible. A large part of that was due to the rise of the n.W.o., specifically its three founding members Scott Hall, Kevin Nash and Hollywood Hogan.

Surprisingly, Mattel has been very lax with n.W.o. offerings with only one figure from that notorious faction getting released at retail. That doesn’t seem like the brightest business decision, but at least we are slowly building up our n.W.o. ranks.

Nash already got an n.W.o. figure, but he was definitely overdue for a variant. The Ringside Collectibles exclusive features Nash from his solo run as a major force in the n.W.o.

Packaging:  The packaging and presentation definitely provides a Wolfpac theme. I’m digging the most that the Elite logo got a Wolfpac spray paint job. As always, the exclusive figures actually get a decent bio. Nash’s covers the split of the nWo into two factions and his rivalry with Scott Hall.


Likeness:  The headsculpt is an interesting choice for a Wolfpac era Nash. The previous Outsiders attire Elite figure had the dirty blonde hairstyle Nash sported during that phase of his career. Nash would frequently wear his hair in a ponytail during the original n.W.o. days so that works all the same.

WWE nWo Wolfpac Kevin Nash Elite figure review -clasping hands

Hairstyle choices aside, this is easily the best looking n.W.o. Nash figure from Mattel yet. The headsculpt is full of Nash’s swagger as he was on his way to the ring to dish out some punishment. This headsculpt with the longer hair from the other figures would make for a perfect Nash.

Tank top placement can be a tricky issue for Mattel at times, but Nash’s is just the right length and size. I’m really like how they handled the pant tassels. They hang along the sides without sticking out like the goofier Toy Biz version. Jakks just opted out of doing it altogether.

WWE nWo Wolfpac Kevin Nash Elite figure review - scale with Wolfpac Sting, Scott Hall and The Giant

Scale:  Nash is 6’9” making him a towering giant to all of his opponents besides The Giant. Mattel captured that well here so the 6’5” Lex Luger and 6’3” Sting will be looking up to him.

WWE nWo Wolfpac Kevin Nash Elite figure review -looking up to The Giant

Nash has a good size and doesn’t look scrawny. The arm choice works here far better than it did with the Kevin Owens and Jim Neidhart figures.

Paint: Nash mixed up his n.W.o. attire frequently to keep his look fresh. My preference for his tank top would have been the gold outline n.W.o., but the ‘Nash’ isn’t a bad runner-up.

Mattel couldn’t work out the challenge with the chest lettering being covered up depending on Nash was posed. The Elite articulation breaks the logo up along the top and sides, but I think this was the only way to do it remotely accurately. My figure had a slight overspray on the singlet top. Not a big deal, but I don’t like seeing that on exclusive online figures.

WWE nWo Wolfpac Kevin Nash Elite figure review -choking out The Giant

Articulation:  No need to try and break out complex submission moves and advanced level grappling poses. Nash was an overpowering brawler so I don’t need his articulation to be as fluid as some others. The big thing for Nash is being able to deliver a big boot, the corner Snake Eyes and a Jackknife Powerbomb.  Bingo on both cases so that’s one more for the Big Guy.

WWE nWo Wolfpac Kevin Nash Elite figure review - fist up

Nash has:

  • neck
  • ball-jointed shoulders
  • bicep
  • elbow
  • wrist
  • wrist hinge
  • torso
  • waist
  • hip
  • thigh
  • knee (double-jointed)
  • ankle

WWE nWo Wolfpac Kevin Nash Elite figure review - sizing up The Giant

Accessories:  For a guy close to 7 feet, Nash couldn’t come up short in the accessory department. Nash gets a plastic red and black n.W.o. T-shirt. Considering the immense reuse possibilities for any n.W.o. merchandise, I’m surprised Mattel hasn’t just made a cloth shirt. Additionally, Nash gets the WCW World Championship spray painted in red just in time to hand over to Hollywood Hogan.

On the smaller accessory front, Nash gets a pair of sunglasses and a can of spray paint. Mattel hasn’t found a lot of success with glasses as they typically don’t stay on too well unless there’s designated slots like with the Elite Christian or Sasha Banks. This edition Nash actually can keep his own, which is a nice bonus.

WWE nWo Wolfpac Kevin Nash Elite figure review -with Wolfpac Sting

Worth it?  Right now you can get Nash for around $25. That’s just a few dollars over retail for a fairly necessary Nash variant.

Rating: 10 out of 10

This is a well executed exclusive figure. It’s a shame this nWo Nash figure isn’t available at retail.

WWE nWo Wolfpac Kevin Nash Elite figure review - with Luger and Sting

Where to get it?  As a Ringside Collectibles exclusive, that’s your first option. Use the code WFIGS to get 10 percent off, which helps ding down shipping costs. Or you can just grab it from Amazon.