Supergirl We Can Be Heroes review S2, Ep. 10

We Can Be Heroes was a very encouraging episode for the second half of Supergirl’s second season. There were some great character moments stemming from some big secrets being revealed.

Maybe the biggest reveal was Mon-El confessing he does have feelings for Kara. The show runners went with the wrong Legion of Superhero as Mon-El’s demeanor and personality is such a better fit for Ultra Boy. Ultra Boy can only use one power at a time, which establishes easier vulnerabilities than nerfing Mon-El’s powers. And his costume would be far more TV friendly than slapping on some red sunglasses.


Regardless, this love declaration scene was a nice moment. Too often, Melissa Benoist has to play Kara too bumbling and naive. In this scene she was able to give Kara a more natural response.

That was also the case when she learned James was Guardian. I really liked how this reveal was handled. I still don’t buy James’ newfound sense of purpose in being a hero, but that ship has long sailed. James didn’t back down when Kara tried to give him the you’re only human response and she rightfully called out he’s one mistake away from being killed.

Supergirl We Can Be Heroes review - James and Kara

We don’t always get these scenarios where both characters are right, but this was pulled off extremely well. It was smart not to wrap this in one episode. Sure, Guardian was helpful in battle, but Supergirl’s point stands. And James isn’t seeking her approval to be a hero.

Like it or not, Supergirl did need some assistance in dealing with the return of Livewire. Despite a couple of encounters and Brit Morgan’s always enthusiastic performance, it seemed a stretch to tout Livewire as Supergirl’s arch-rival. Maybe that’s because Livewire’s makeup looks a little hokey and more a result of hours in the make up chair than a convincing skin distortion. I liked the scientist trying to weaponize Livewire’s powers, but hated Supergirl letting her free in exchange for her help.

J’onn and M’gann’s subplot seemed like it was going to be the weak link, but it evolved into one of the episode’s best moments. There’s been a lot of tension between them, but after a mind meld, J’onn saw her sincere remorse for her role in the war and forgave her. M’gann’s warning that the White Martians are on to her ensures we should have at least one fun episode with Team Supergirl battling the martians.

Supergirl We Can Be Heroes review - Mon-El and Kara

As the episode played out there was just one nagging concern that could become troublesome. Supergirl’s circle has increased immensely and there’s a lot more characters vying for screen time. To an extent, that’s hurt The Flash’s third season despite the winning Team Flash chemistry. Supergirl’s friends/allies aren’t necessarily a unit and require their own separate scenes. That’s fine so long as they don’t take away too much of the focus away from Supergirl.

We Can Be Heroes solidly advanced the budding Supergirl/Mon-El romance, the tension with Guardian and set up the next big threat making for an all around effective and entertaining hour.

Rating: 8 out of 10

Photo Credit: The CW