Iron Fist The Mistress of All Agonies review S1, Ep. 9

The Mistress of All Agonies marked a noticeable downturn for Iron Fist after a promising pair of episodes. Once again the series is getting bogged down with irrelevant supporting character drama instead of the main conflict.

Of course, pinning that down might be challenging since Danny now just wants to do some light interrogation of Madame Gao instead of destroying The Hand.

We’re in the home stretch now of the season and I’m still not entirely sure what Danny is doing. Daredevil was intent on taking down The Kingpin, then The Punisher and finally The Hand in his two seasons. Jessica Jones was focused on Killgrave and Luke Cage had a beef with Cottonmouth and a personal vendetta against Diamondback. Those were clear objectives and that’s missing with Iron Fist.

It almost wasn’t fair watching Gao play mind games with Danny, Colleen and Claire. That’s hardly a fair fight. Good thing truth serum will help! Or not. Colleen somehow managed to get poisoned in the last battle with The Hand while neophyte fighter Claire emerged unscathed.

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Meachum family drama dominated the other half of the episode. Harold getting resurrected doesn’t magically make him more interesting. But it’s probably best not to complain about ice cream. Oh, Kyle … you were almost quirky enough to care about. Almost.

Thanks to the helpful hint from the nice polite Triad leader, Ward got tipped off that Harold would start doing some crazy stuff to those close to him. Yeah, like making him bury guys he killed, letting a hobo that’s been missing gain access to the company or keeping his resurrection a secret from his daughter. Ward probably wouldn’t notice much of a difference.

Iron Fist The Mistress of All Agonies pictures - Madame GaoAnd actually, scratch that last one since Harold decided Joy ought to know he’s alive. He needs a new patsy after sending Ward to the 72-hours = 4 Life mental hospital. Hope you get out soon Ward! The show could get really boring without your scintillating white collar millionaire problems to make me feel better about myself.

Another problem with Mistress of all Agonies is how underwhelming Finn Jones has been. With Danny’s love interest, Colleen, slowly dying this should have been where Danny showed some fire or just a sense of urgency. Instead, Jones acted like Danny was paralyzed with the thought of having to make a firm decision.

From Joy to Claire to Gao, Danny was constantly being emasculated. The dialogue wasn’t the problem, but more how Jones reacted. His lack of presence is really starting to hurt the show. And that’s constantly being reinforced whenever anyone with an iota of charisma makes an appearance.

Iron Fist The Mistress of All Agonies pictures -ClaireThis episode it was Bakuto (Ramon Rodriguez), Colleen’s Sensei. The fact that Bakuto actually had Gao shook made him the most interesting character this episode. Bakuto taught Danny how to focus his chi to heal. Next episode, Bakuto teaches Danny how to get a personality. Can’t wait!

The Mistress of all Agonies lacked a sense of importance. Maybe Joy seeing Harold would qualify as a big moment if it would ultimately mattered.

Rating: 6 out of 10

Photo Credit: Myles Aronowitz/Netflix