The Boss Baby review

The Boss Baby is a very cute and charming film with an inspired take on sibling rivalry. This isn’t just a fun for the moment animated effort, but one that will prove useful for parents informing their only child they’re about to have some company.

Tim (Tobey Maguire, The Great Gatsby) narrates a tale of his childhood when he had free reign over the house. His parents (Lisa Kudrow and Jimmy Kimmel) are kind, loving and overly accommodating. And with an overactive imagination, Tim was never bored. Everything changed when his parents broke the news he’s about to have a little brother (Alec Baldwin).

The Boss Baby review - Mom, Boss Baby and Dad

Michael McCullers adapts Marla Frazee’s popular 2010 book, which took a creative approach on how babies act like bosses to their parents. As the film plays out, the analogy works surprisingly well with Boss Baby demanding all the time, barking out orders and rarely being satisfied. Young Tim (Miles Bakshi) can only watch on as his very comfortable life is completely upended without him having a say in the matter.

The Boss Baby review - triplets, Boss Baby, Jimbo and Staci

But once he learns Boss Baby has ulterior motives for joining the family, Tim has to decide if he’s going to expose him or help him. If he can manage to outsmart Boss Baby and his pals. I appreciated Boss Baby’s crew were a diverse group including black triplets (Eric Bell Jr.) and an Asian girl (ViviAnn Yee) that didn’t play into stereotypes. Not surprisingly, the boys reach a truce to help deal with a greater threat, which leads to even greater mayhem and fun.


Baldwin’s vocal performance is terrific and his snarky delivery is a great fit for the character. Bakshi is also really good with a very lively and energetic take on young Tim. Kudrow, Kimmel and Steve Buscemi provide strong supporting performances.

Director Tom McGrath keeps the film moving at the right pace. No scene goes too long or ends before all the jokes are exhausted. The character designs and animation looks amazing making for a very colorful presentation.

The Boss Baby review - Boss Baby and Tim

A sequel is rightly already in the works for 2021. If it manages to capture even half the charm of The Boss Baby, this new addition will be eagerly anticipated by everyone.

Rating: 9 out of 10

Photo Credit: DreamWorks Animation