Iron Fist: The Blessing of Many Fractures review S1, Ep. 8

The Blessing of Many Fractures was a weird episode. It had one of the best sequences of the series so far, but still suffered from the same issues that have plagued the show from the start.

Danny was ready to pursue Madame Gao to China in hopes of stopping her and getting answers to her connection to his father. But he wasn’t going alone. Colleen made perfect sense. They’ve bonded, hooked up and she’s fully on Team Iron Fist. Claire tagging along to join the fight? Not so much. It was a nice touch to see her getting letters from the imprisoned Luke Cage. But it was far more annoying that she didn’t try to reach out her Hand fighting-ex instead. Even if Matt wasn’t available it’s silly that the writers couldn’t work in a moment of Claire trying to reach him.
Claire hasn’t been especially useful in this series. She’s been an awkward fit here and her bonding time with Danny on the flight didn’t help. Why would she care if Danny ‘got some?’ And it felt real forced to have Claire be the conscience to persuade Danny that killing isn’t the answer. Knowing what Claire knows about The Hand does she really think arresting Gao would accomplish anything?


Claire became even sillier after deciding to play Third Wheel and opting to hang back and keep watch once they arrived. That was the entire point of the flight to China, Claire. This would all play better if she was helping move these scenes along, but she was filling the role of bad comic relief instead.

Blessing sharply improved once Danny arrived at the factory gate and confronted the guard, Zhou Cheng (Lewis Tan). Zhou rocked the drunken master fight style packing more charisma in 10 minutes than any character so far this season. This was a weird scenario as I was rooting for Zhou since he was so much more interesting than Danny.  Colleen also got in on the great fight scenes with an intense sword duel. From an action standpoint, Blessing of Many Fractures was almost as solid as Immortal Emerges from Cave.

Gao opts for the Palpatine technique and offers to help Danny complete his training if he’ll join her. Danny is conflicted, but ultimately decides not to kill her. I don’t see how this is a good plan.

The Meachum sibling drama reached its most insufferable point. Joy and Ward are conflicted about accepting the severance package. Ward just wants to run away and lead a life not under the thumb of his father. Joy earned her spot at Rand and isn’t backing off. She mentions hiring a private investigator (nice Jessica Jones reference), who dug up incriminating evidence against the board members.

Iron Fist The Blessing of Many Fractures review - Colleen

Not that I’m under any illusions of the Meachums being good guys, but they’re incredibly difficult to root for considering their actions screwed over the company. Are we really supposed to pull for them in this situation? Ward comes thisclose to telling Joy about Harold, but he starts hallucinating again and chickens out. But why should we care?

The fight scenes carried The Blessing of Many Fractures. Maybe my bar is super low for this season, but it was enough to keep me entertained despite the usual shoddy logic and character decisions.

Rating: 7.5 out of 10

Photo Credit: Cara Howe/Netflix

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