Amazon exclusive WWE Elite Andre the Giant figure up for pre-order

I appreciate getting as many outlets as possible for figures. Amazon is slowly getting into the exclusive figure business. Their latest is a flashback Andre the Giant from his 70s heyday.

Andre was already slowing down by the mid-80s and he rarely wrestled on WWF TV.  This captures his look when he was more of a worldwide attraction. The biggest difference from the previous Elite 29 figure is this features a sculpted long hair sculpt.

Pre-order the Amazon exclusive Andre the Giant figure now.

Mattel experimented with a removable wig with the last Andre. It was ok, but this is definitely an improvement.

Additionally, The Giant gets his trademark leather vest. Too bad it’s plastic and not more of a cloth material. Hopefully this will be the kind that’s easier to remove than some of the stiffer plastic material Mattel uses for jackets and some figure robes.

Best of all, Amazon didn’t do some crazy exclusive markup. He’s going to run you the same $20 price as the standard Elite figure.