March Bashness 2017 – Fatal Four results and vote to decide the champion

With Wrestlemania 33 and The Walking Dead season finale there wasn’t enough hours to get this knocked out in time to coincide with the end of March Madness. I’m a few days late so lets see if I can make it worth the wait.

But first, we’ve gotta look to see how the Fatal Four broke down. This didn’t play out the way I expected based on the dominant performance of a pair of teams. But that’s the beauty of the tournament format. Let’s break it all down and see who survived the Fatal Four and which teams will compete for the championship.

Fatal Four results:

(2) The Hart Foundation vs. (2) The Four Horsemen

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Hart Foundation vs Tully and Arn

(1) Edge and Christian vs. (1) The Road Warriors

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Road Warriors vs Edge and Christian

In a classic throwback for NWA fans, the championship comes down to Tully Blanchard and Arn Anderson vs. The Road Warriors. Do the Horsemen solidify their claim as one of the all-time top teams or do the Road Warriors capture the inaugural March Bashness trophy?

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