Supergirl Luthors review S2, Ep. 12

Luthors had some strong character development and subplot progression, fairly decent action and a better (superhero)work/romantic life balance. It wasn’t exceptional, but another very entertaining episode that continues Supergirl’s recent roll.

Besides being easier to light than a fully-functional workplace, it’s weird that so many scenes take place at the bar. In no fashion does a bar — alien friendly or not — seem like Kara’s kind of spot. Given the more adult storylines on the show, it’s kinda funny that Kara has to be a prude with her drinks. This week’s bar scene was so the gang could meet Alex’s new guy gal.

The best moment was Mon-El saying on Daxam it’s the more the merrier, which unintentionally suggested he’s definitely into the orgy thing. This show is getting more risque all the time. Alex’s remark that not everyone supports ladies loving ladies was weird as you’d never guess that from everyone’s incredibly positive reaction on this show.

Supergirl Luthors - Lena and Lillian

But Luthors wasn’t about a night at the bar with the Super Friends. Lillian Luthor’s trial starts and the head of Cadmus is going down! Brenda Strong makes such an excellent big bad for Supergirl. She’s got a legit presence and uncompromising approach to her actions that she’s refreshing. I love bad guys who believe in their convictions.

Lillian tried to make nice with Lena, dropping the bombshell that Lionel Luthor had an affair. So does that make her Lena Snow? Sadly this reconciliation attempt doesn’t come without some clauses. In this case, Lillian needs Lena’s help to trigger a secret weapons cache (including a Luthor power suit!) left behind by dear crazy brother Lex to stop the alien menace. And yet Invasion! strongly makes a case that Lex probably wasn’t that far off with his wacky contingency plans.


Lillian ran a complicated scheme to get Lena on her side. Luthors have a problem not going big on everything, including jail breaks. Metallo gets a new Kryptonite rock to power up enough to spring Lillian from her trial and break the wrongly imprisoned Lena out of jail. That was some shrewd manipulation on Lillian’s part. I kinda wanted to hear Lillian promise to end this destructive conflict and bring order to the galaxy if Lena joined her.

Despite mounting evidence against Lena, Kara uses millennial deductive reasoning to assure everyone, including Snapper Carr, that she’s innocent. The writers are doing a great job with the James/Kara subplot as he rightfully calls her out for trusting Lena, but can’t trust him in his vigilante side gig. This came after, Metallo thoroughly beat down Guardian in the prison break. But facts are for losers.

Turns out Corbin’s new-K does not in fact rock as it’s highly unstable. Supergirl is able to track Lena down and deal with Cyborg Superman and Metallo long enough for Martian Manhunter to come in for the assist. This was a perfectly reasonable scenario for J’onn to come to her rescue. Supergirl shouldn’t blow off any enemy using Kryptonite.

Supergirl Luthors - Metallo and Lena

It’s so impressive how quickly Catco cranks out magazines. That should take weeks or a month to get a story exonerating Lena. But maybe, just maybe Lena is working a long con. I like the idea of Supergirl having a friend not connected to the DEO and teh fact that Lena turning on her seems too obvious.

Another obvious development is the Kara/Mon-El subplot. Kara is finally ready to make her move after declaring her interest in the big super-bro. Just like last season when Kara and James were about to get some living room loving on, it gets interrupted. This time from a not-so impish Mr. Mxyzptlk, who arrives to proclaim his love for Kara. Well, Mon-El always says the more the merrier…

Luthors was another entertaining episode. This week had a better mix of romantic drama and superhero action. Let’s hope that trend continues going forward.

Rating: 8 out of 10

Photo Credit: The CW