Legends of Tomorrow Season 3 – who should leave the team and who should join up

We’re closing in on the end of yet another season of Legends of Tomorrow. Season 2 has been a big improvement over its predecessor. One major reason is the shakeup in the team’s lineup. Some less than popular characters are gone while another fan-favorite was written out for other reasons. The fluidity of the team helps keep Legends interesting. I figured now was as good a time as any to start suggesting Season 3 recruits.

One of the bigger sticking points remains that this super-powered squad rarely uses their powers. In some episodes, it’s obvious the writers are going out of their way to keep the team from powering up. With the Season 3 roster shakeup, I’m suggesting characters that would make for interesting additions while not being so taxing on the series’ budget.

Jesse Quick/Kid Flash for Firestorm

Season 3 Legends of Tomorrow swaps - Jesse Quick for Firestorm

Every episode Jax and Stein split up seemingly for the sole purpose of not having Firestorm unleash an inferno. I’ve never been a big fan of the Human Torch slant on the Arrowverse Firestorm. He’s just a fireball shooter. And with so many speedsters running around (no pun intended) one would be better served with the Legends.

Which one largely depends on Flash’s Season 3 fall out. Kid Flash seems like a fun choice as he would bring some youthful cockiness we haven’t seen much of in Legends. But Jesse could also work since she doesn’t have a problem traveling to other worlds. I like the idea of a speedster working apart from a Team Flash support system and how they’d respond in that setting.



Black Siren for Vixen

Season 3 Legends of Tomorrow swaps - Black Siren for Vixen

I don’t see Vixen sticking around after the end of this season. She seems like another one season character and tying her down in a romance with Nate has made her a lot less interesting. And she’s way too much of a good girl. That’s where Black Siren comes in. The Earth-2 version Black Canary has attitude for days and a not as budget taxing power as Vixen. Beyond that, there’s the ready made Season 3 arc of Sara dealing with a villain that looks just like her sister with far fewer redeeming qualities. Katie Cassidy has been announced as a season regular on Arrow Season 6, but that doesn’t mean she can’t make some appearances on Legends as well.


Mr. Terrific – Nate/Citizen Steel

Season 3 Legends of Tomorrow swaps - Mr. Terrific for Citizen Steel

Nate had a lot of potential early on, but as a character that should be one of the Legends’ powerhouses, he rarely flexes his muscle. We had that blink and you missed appearance of a costumed Citizen Steel, but he mainly just fights in street clothes like Colossus.

Animated a fully armored up Citizen Steel is probably too much for the budget so go cheaper. Mr. Terrific has been a decent member of Arrow’s Outsiders, but he would be an invaluable member of the Legends. He covers the tech support angle, the easily geeked out cast member and his abilities don’t require any special effects.

Blue Beetle III for Atom

Season 3 Legends of Tomorrow swaps -Blue Beetle for Atom

For the record, I like Ray and don’t want to write Brandon Routh out of the Arrowverse. Keep him on as tech support/advisor if need be, but Atom standing in for Iron Man has never made a lot of sense. Not to mention he should be a lot more formidable in fights and it’s frustrating that he’s treated so ineffective.

Jaime Reyes would make for a better armored character for Season 3. Jaime doesn’t want the scarab that makes him a hero and his struggles to cope with such a major weapon could be another season-long arc. Beetle’s powers could be slightly shifted so he doesn’t need to fully armor up to use his arm cannon or fly so he doesn’t have to be held out of fights for the sake of not blowing the budget.

Those are my Season 3 recruits. Who would you like to see come aboard the Waverider and who would you like to see them replace?

Photo Credit: The CW