Check out WWE Elite 50, Bullet Club MOC in package

Mattel released MOC pics of Elite 50 and this set is looking pretty good. I’m definitely down for more than my usual Flashbacks only mindset although I definitely would have preferred a Flashback Corporation era Shane-O-Mac.

The accessory breakdown is a little weird. Shane comes with an entire announce table while Baron Corbin only gets a vest. I’m thrilled the new John Cena figure comes with a cloth shirt. It’s been too long since Mattel included one with Cena figures. The Warlord is missing that Elite Harvey Whippleman figure, but I suppose he’ll do.


Photo Credit: Mattel

Bullet Club Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows The Club figures

And courtesy of Instagram user balorclubfigures, we get our first look at the Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows Battle Pack. I love the head sculpt on these guys and can’t wait to turn them into Bullet Club versions of the good brothers.