WWE and SEGA tag team up for WWE Tap Mania

Running low on new games to play on your mobile device of choice? WWE and SEGA are partnering on a new game called WWE Tap Mania.

There’s not a ton of details announced right now, but based on the name I’m assuming it’s more of a mix colors/shapes style game.


In keeping with the WWE’s tradition of recognizing its vast history, WWE Tap Mania will feature superstars from the past and present. We can pretty much chalk up Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Rock, The Undertaker, Andre the Giant, Macho Man Randy Savage, John Cena and Roman Reigns. And depending on how long the game is in the works, we might even expect recent returning alumni in Kurt Angle and The Hardy Boyz.


Part of the game play will include leader boards during live in-game events including WrestleMania, SummerSlam and Royal Rumble, according to SEGA.

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The good news is the game is going to be a free to download on the App store for iPhone and iPad and Google Play store for Android. Naturally, there are some pay features by way of in-game purchases for upgrades. SEGA announced the game should be launched later this year.

‘At SEGA, we like to find new ways to bring brands and experiences to a wide mobile gaming audience,’ said Naoki Kameda, COO of SEGA’s mobile division in the West in a statement. ‘This partnership with WWE presents a fresh opportunity for collaboration. Working with WWE, a monumental leader in global entertainment, along with The Tap Lab, a studio known for crafting action-packed games that are fun at their core, we’re confident that WWE Tap Mania will delight WWE fans worldwide.’

Image Credit: WWE.com