Marvel Legends Jackal figure review

Jackal is one of those Spider-Man villains who’s patiently waited his turn for a figure. Despite being a surprisingly major player in some key events in Spider-Man’s life, Jackal hasn’t gotten his due on the action figure front … until now. There are other more demanded characters in the Build-A-Figure Sandman wave, but Jackal is one of those sleeper characters collectors will regret not adding to their collection.

Packaging:  Nothing new here. Jackal has your standard Marvel Legends packing with the red Spider-Man accent colors. Putting him in a wave with Green Goblin will make it trickier for folks looking at the side panels. As usual, I’d prefer a more detailed bio here.Marvel Legends Jackal figure review -package bio


Marvel Legends Jackal figure review -about to attackLikeness:  Jackal sports a pretty basic look. He looks more suited to team up with The Amazon and battle King Slender and Fighter Hayabusa than Spider-Man. A Winner Is You for getting that old school reference. Thanks to the simple attire, the head sculpt really has to deliver and it does with ease.

There’s a real sinister look here. Jackal is kind of a creepy, lecherous character and this expression fits him nicely. At first, the lining of the trunks threw me off, but that biker shorts look is appropriate to how he wears them.

Marvel Legends Jackal figure review -scale with Punisher, Spider-Man, and J Jonah Jameson

Scale:  Jackal is sized like the average Marvel Legend figure right at eye’s length with Spider-Man and shorter than The Punisher.

Marvel Legends Jackal figure review - bragging posePaint:  Although mostly one color, Hasbro didn’t take any shortcuts with the paint giving Jackal’s chest and forearm hair a darker wash.

The work around the teeth is impressively clean as well. Jackal isn’t going to win any paint awards, but what is here is done nicely.

Marvel Legends Jackal figure review - Punisher 1st appearance

Articulation:  A lot of collectors think this figure would work well for a George Perez era Beast. That’s probably due to similar looks. After fiddling around with Jackal though, I’d prefer Hasbro create another body as this one isn’t quite able to hit the required poses for Beast.

Some of that is due to the softer plastic. It’s been so long since I’ve had a weaker plastic Marvel Legend, I’d forgotten the annoyance of a figure not being able to hold the intricate poses you can achieve with these figures. Jackal could be posed in most crouching positions, but couldn’t keep the pose long without toppling over.

Marvel Legends Jackal figure review - Punisher saves Jackal from Spider-Man

Hopefully that’s not the case with the entire wave. As usual, Marvel Legends proves the most fun on the mass market for all the various options you can position figures.

Jackal has:

  • neck
  • ball-jointed shoulders
  • bicep
  • elbow
  • wrist
  • wrist hinge
  • torso
  • waist
  • hip
  • thigh
  • knee (double-jointed)
  • ankle

Marvel Legends Jackal figure review -lifting up Spider-Man

Accessories:  Hasbro might have included a cloth lab coat, but I can’t think of any other obvious accessories. That doesn’t hurt his score though especially in a wave with additional accessories for the Build A Figure.

Jackal comes with the right leg of the BAF Sandman. That’s hardly a sexy piece to convince collectors to assemble Sandman, but I’m sure he’s one of those characters that will sell and will help sales of the figures to finish building him.


Worth it?  Target had an awesome sale this week where Spider-Man Marvel Legends figures were $13. For a 6-inch figure with a Build-A-Figure piece that’s an excellent deal. Jackal is likely going to be one those characters who could be discounted further, but anytime I’m spending under $15 for a Marvel Legend figure in 2017 I’ll consider that a big win.

Marvel Legends Jackal figure review - attacking Spider-Man

Rating: 8 out of 10

Jackal isn’t a must-have if you’re on the fence about him, but he’s a solid figure even with the softer plastic and lack of accessories.

Where to get it?  The Sandman wave has been extremely difficult to track down in stores. Hopefully more are on the way now. Target has them you can always grab him on or order the set from Entertainment Earth.