Iron Fist Bar the Big Boss S1 Ep. 12

If there was any doubt that Iron Fists is really good when it focuses on fighting Bar the Big Boss erased them. Sure, we all would like a more intellectually stimulating, philosophical Iron Fist series, but … oh way, we just need great action.

Bar the Big Boss delivered that big time with a number of thrilling action sequences. For those paying attention all season, it wasn’t surprising that the episode’s best battles involved Colleen. Freshly off the pyramid scheme that is The Hand and sensei Bakuto, Colleen was all too eager to get some payback. To a degree.

That was the biggest problem with this episode. After Bakuto struck an alliance with Ward, shot Joy and threatened to decapitate Harold, there wasn’t a lot of wiggle room here. Bakuto is a bad dude. Albeit frighteningly polite, but a bad guy nonetheless.


The writers have tried to make this big morality play about whether Danny should kill. It hasn’t been all that effective since Danny isn’t a traditional hero with a code against killing. And it’s not like he’s encountered any convincing reason why he shouldn’t kill. After all, his entire duty as the Iron Fist is to destroy The Hand. Surely that doesn’t mean a slap on the wrist prison sentence?

Iron Fist Bar the Big Boss - Ward and Bakuto

This debate was the breaking point of Danny and Davos’ friendship/brotherhood. In all honesty, Danny’s been a pretty crappy friend to a guy who left his homeland for the purpose of aiding his buddy.

The lobby fight scene was the best shot of the season with Director Andy Goddard smoothly framing the layered battle. With Bakuto’s men down, it was somewhat odd that Colleen called dibs and Danny was fine with it. Even more surprising was Colleen taking him down. While Danny battled indecision, Davos struck the killing blow … for a moment. Bakuto was hardly going to be the type of bad guy who died once in a season we’ve already seen several deaths and near death experiences.

Harold is up to his old schemes and decides it’s time to buy Danny out — aggressively and sics the DEA on him. At least Ward tried to warn Danny although he really should have waited until Come Down finished…

Bar the Big Boss was a pretty strong penultimate episode. It might be a little too late to turn opinion on the series, but for those that have stuck with it, this was very rewarding.

Rating: 9 out of 1o

Photo Credit: Ali Goldstein and David Giesbrecht/Netflix

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