Supergirl Homecoming review S2 Ep. 14

Cadmus has proven to be an immensely capable antagonist for Supergirl this season. While it had some pacing problems, Homecoming escalated the Cadmus conflict by injecting an even greater personal touch. 

What Cadmus lacks in terms of raw power capable of tackling with Supergirl, they’ve managed to counter with methodical planning and conniving. That’s why it seemed real suspicious that the DEO just so happened to rescue Jeremiah Danvers in a Cadmus convoy. Yet only Mon-El thought something was up. It’s a problem when the frat boy is the most logical character. Where’s Snapper Carr when you need him?


Kara and Alex were thrilled to see him, but Liza Danvers had a cooler reaction. Supergirl is all about empowering feminists, which was especially evident in Homecoming right down to Supergirl being labeled the feminist superhero and bringing coffee and flowers to Mon-El after hooking up. But it was Liza’s reluctance to play the princess waiting in the castle for her prince to return home that was the most grating. It also hurt the twist since she seemed so nonchalant about seeing her husband after 15 years.

Despite 15 years of seclusion, Jeremiah was perfectly fine with Alex being gay. Supergirl is doing a disservice to its closeted LGBT viewers by setting up the false illusion that everyone is so tolerant and accepting.

Supergirl Homecoming - Hank, Jeremiah, Alex, Kara, Mon-El and Winn

Jeremiah tipped DEO off that Cadmus was working on a super weapon that would destroy National City. While Alex and Kara’s acceptance of his story was fine, J’onn went along a little too easily as well. This is the guy who was sending Kara and Mon-El off for workplace relationship training and immediately signed off on Jeremiah returning to duty? If anything, why wouldn’t J’onn pick up a stray thought or realize he couldn’t read Jeremiah’s mind early on? Maybe Dean Cain has a limited number of appearances, but the rushed nature of his return to Cadmus was way too quick.

That also meant Jeremiah’s telegraphed betrayal played out with little time to build up the lie. I really appreciate how Winn doesn’t have Felicity magic computer powers and can accomplish anything with a few keystrokes. It took him days to track down Cadmus only for the DEO to realize they’d been duped.

Jeremiah is still with Cadmus and he stole the National Alien Registry so Cadmus can send every alien off planet in a super-sized Cadmus ark. If Cadmus is smart they’ll just go to the alien club and offer Buy 1 Get 2 free specials. That will definitely make the rounding up aliens easier.

Supergirl Homecoming - Supergirl

Chyler Leigh has been stuck playing high school in puppy love for the last few episodes so it was great to see her have a meatier storyline this week. Leigh might be the best performer on the show and Alex had some great moments this week from the anger at Mon-El for questioning Jeremiah, the heartbreak over facing Jeremiah and the emotional breakdown when Maggie arrived. Homecoming made terrific use of one of the show’s best assets.

The Kara/Mon-El scene wasn’t as strong and it was amusing that Kara avoided apologizing to him for questioning Jeremiah’s intentions. But the emotional drama is always inconsistent anyway. At least Cadmus is still making big moves and ready to kick off the next part of their master plan.

Rating: 7.5 out of 10

Photo Credit: The CW