All the ways the Thor: Ragnarok teaser trailer rocked

Of all the Marvel films slated for release this year, Thor: Ragnarok is the one I’ve been most curious about. While I’ve liked the previous two films, they haven’t reached the level of acclaim of the Captain America and Iron Man films. Based on the Ragnarok teaser trailer, Thor might have found his biggest standalone hit yet.


There’s so much to be excited about here. From Cate Blanchett’s Hela smashing Mjlonir, Thor wearing a helmet, the fall of Asgard and Thor’s reaction to Hulk. Oh, and Tom Hiddleston’s Loki and Jeff Goldblum’s Grandmaster watching the carnage of the gladiator games.

For comic fans, Raganrok has a key significance. This is the long prophesied event that would destroy Asgard and it looks like the film plans to explore that catastrophe. Also, the film is the first to show Thor wearing a winged helmet since the ceremony in the first film. That’s a trademark aspect of Thor’s costume so it’s great to see that be incorporated in the films again even if it’s just for a gladiator contest.

Hulk’s appearance ties in to the Planet Hulk storyline where Hulk was sent off to space. He eventually becomes part of a gladiator contest where he lead a revolt with his new friends and allies.

Look close enough and you’ll spot Tessa Thompson’s Valkyrie riding atop a flying horse just like her comic book counterpart. And that doesn’t even include Karl Urban’s Skurge the Executioner firing off some machine guns. Hopefully the film is hiding an appearance from his ally, Amora the Enchantress.

In the previous Thor films, Kat Dennings and to a lesser degree, Natalie Portman, got the bulk of the comedic material. That was a contrast to The Avengers films, which let Thor be more humorous in having fun with his prideful attitude. This seems to be the approach Director Taika Waititi is taking and it should make Thor far more endearing to audiences. Even the teaser trailer music was a lot less grandiose spectacle and more head-thrashing excitement.

It looks like Thor has a legit hit on his hands here. I’m looking forward to seeing how the film plays out when it arrives in theaters Nov. 3.

Photo Credit: Walt Disney Entertainment