Fate of the Furious zooms off with record-breaking worldwide opening

The Fate of the Furious got the ‘summer’ blockbuster season off to a brisk start with $100.1 million. In the process, the eighth installment of the popular franchise broke an all-time record most recently set by The Force Awakens.

No one expected the film to beat the opening mark set by Furious 7, which debuted in 2015 with $147 million. That series’ best haul was likely due to the curioisity factor of late star Paul Walker’s final film in the series.

Fate narrowly beat out Fast & Furious 6, which opened to $97.3 million. Thanks to Furious 7 setting a massive high mark, Fate breaks the trend set with Fast & Furious, where each film opened stronger than its predecessor. This shouldn’t be viewed as a waning of fan interest, but that the $95 to $110 million range is more of the normal ceiling for the series. Furious 7’s opening was an anamoly.


Overseas, Fate rolled over the competition. Already the film has earned $432 million with a record-breaking $190 million  coming from China. That $532 million worldwide opening narrowly beat The Force Awakens’ previous global debut of $529 million.

Coming in at distant second was The Boss Baby, which brought in $15.5 million. That brings its total to an impressive $116 million in its third week.

Beauty and the Beast added another $13.6 million to its tally. With $454 million total domestically, it’s the highest grossing film of the year by a wide margin. Logan is at No.2 with $221 million.

Coming in at fourth was Smurfs: The Lost Village with $6.5 million. Now in its second week, the latest Smurfs film is stumbling with a pedestrian $24 million total. With a $60 million budget, the film could eventually come close to breaking even, but making a profit seems unlikely.

Going in Style winds down the Top 5. The film earned $6.35 million to bring its total to $23.3 million in two weeks. With a modest $25 million budget, the film will make a profit easily thanks to its counter programming.