Grand Moff Tarkin, Thrawn and more get Star Wars Black figures in 2017

For Star Wars Black collectors, this year just got a lot more interesting. As part of the 40 Years of Star Wars, Hasbro revealed some heavily anticipated new figures and vehicles. The most exciting reveals were a pair of Imperial head honchos.

In a move sure to frustrate some collectors, Grand Admiral Thrawn is getting the San Diego Comic Con exclusive treatment. This version comes with a massive throne room and trophy display. It makes for a nice display centerpiece.

Don’t be too upset though if you can’t make it out to SDCC. will have a limited amount of figures available afterwards. And Thrawn follows the pattern with a pared-down version to be offered at retail later.

Star Wars Black Grand Admiral Thrawn - regular


There’s another expanded universe character coming with the debut of Jaina Solo. So you can have some alternate twists on the new trilogy by adding Jaina to the mix to aid Rey, Finn and Poe.

Toys R Us is going to be the exclusive home for some prominent figures and sets. Commander Gree, who led the failed assassination attempt on Yoda as part of Order 66, now gets the Star Wars Black treatment. Gree’s squad had one of the more unique looks of the various Clone armies and this should make for a cool figure.

Star Wars The Black Series Commander_Gree

Gamestop gets its own exclusive Star Wars Black figure with the Inferno Squadron pilot. Not familiar with that character? You will after playing Star Wars Battlefront II. I like the synergy here of a video game store getting a character debuting in a video game.

Star Wars Black Series Inferno Squadron pilot

Next up is a pivotal character in all of Star Wars. Grand Admiral Moff Tarkin finally makes his Star Wars Black debut. Tarkin comes with an interrogation droid. Since he’s a major player in the Star Wars universe, Tarkin will be available at all major retailers as well as

Star Wars Black Series Tarkin

Luke Skywalker gets a new vehicle with his iconic landspeeder joining the line. The Luke figure that’s included features a new headsculpt and floppy hat. Rey — last name still TBD — continues the original trilogy homage with her new figure that comes with her speeder. Both of these sets will be $60.

Luke also has an SDCC exclusive version with the poncho, staff and lightsaber. That version will also feature a lightsaber and will be $90.

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