Marvel Legends Ms. Marvel Kamala Khan figure review

Ms. Marvel is one of the few bright spots in the current day Marvel Comics universe. Kamala Khan is a likable, fun and inspiring hero who’s bringing some much needed diversity to the mainstream comic industry. I breezed through the first two trades of her solo book and have yet to dislike any appearance she’s made in other titles. She’s a terrific character and one comics — specifically Marvel — could use a lot more of in their universes.

Ms. Marvel didn’t have to wait decades to get the Marvel Legends treatment. That’s a fortunate by-product of not being created in the 60s, 70s or 80s. Kamala got slotted into the regular Spider-Man wave despite her prominence in the Avengers. Where she gets slotted doesn’t matter though, especially for a figure this outstanding.

Packaging:  Hasbro isn’t shaking up the packaging any time soon. Good for MOC collectors and those who want to see if parts have been swapped. Ms. Marvel doesn’t share packaging space so she gets card art on both sides and a dedicated bio. And in a nice touch, she also gets character specific interior package lining and her logo on the package top.

Marvel Legends Ms. Marvel figure review -bio

Likeness:  I love the head sculpt. It captures Kamala’s youthfulness without making her look goofy. And it beautifully fits her upbeat personality. Her outfit translated very well to figure form. Ms. Marvel needed a decent amount of new tooling and I’m glad the budget allowed for Hasbro not to take any shortcuts.

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Marvel Legends Ms. Marvel figure review -scale with Captain Marvel, Miles Morales and Absorbing Man

Scale:  Ms. Marvel comes on the smaller teen girl body. I appreciate that along with her fellow New Avengers/Champions pals Spider-Man and Nova, she’s looking up to the adult characters.

Paint:  Overall the paint was excellent. Hasbro did a solid job with Kamala’s skin tone. She’s not a lighter shade of black and it’s important to convey that distinction. The uniform is one of my recent favorites thanks to the bold primary colors.

As I probably should have expected, the trickiest part with the paint was the gold trim. The ‘lightning’ logo got smeared and looks a bit sloppy.

Marvel Legends Ms. Marvel figure review -main pic

I didn’t want to be too particular with the paint job here as I suspect that’s going to be a problem on a lot of these figures. Fortunately that was the only trouble spot as the mask had strong paint line work and her eyes were properly colored.

Marvel Legends Ms. Marvel figure review -ready for battle

Articulation:  Ms. Marvel has the standard female Marvel Legends articulation setup. That means almost as good as her male counterparts with some noticeable missing parts. The biggest is the bicep swivel, which would really help a character with her power set. Her shirt has a slit on the sides to accommodate side to side movement and it doesn’t impede any poses at all.

Ms. Marvel has:

  • neck
  • ball-jointed shoulders
  • bicep
  • elbow
  • wrist
  • wrist hinge
  • torso
  • hip
  • thigh
  • knee (double-jointed)
  • ankle

Marvel Legends Ms. Marvel figure review -sides with embiggen hands

Accessories:  Hasbro has increasingly done a better job of incorporating necessary power displaying accessories for figures. That’s obviously easier with figures where a blast effect can get slapped across the wrist, but Hasbro didn’t take shortcuts here.

Marvel Legends Ms. Marvel figure review -reaching

Ms. Marvel has two embiggenened hands. One is a fist and the other is a stretched out grabbing hand. They swap out easily enough at the forearms without any problem. Naturally, I thought greedily and wished we could have also gotten leg attachments, but I’m happy enough this wasn’t just a plain figure.

Marvel Legends Ms. Marvel figure review -leaping

Additionally, Kamala comes with the torso for the Build A Figure Sandman. I always find the torsos the biggest selling point. If you get another figure from the wave, it kinda becomes this fun deal of plugging on the pieces. It’s the rabbit hole of BAF pieces.

Worth it?  I got Ms. Marvel for $20. That’s the going rate for MLs and unlike other waves, I wouldn’t assume she’ll reach $10 clearance prices. She’s likely the most in-demand character from this wave since the Symbiote Suit comes two to a case.

Rating: 9.5 out of 10

Yep. Ms. Marvel is a super pain to track down, but she’s worth it. Kamala is definitely going to be in the running for one of my favorite female figures in 2017.

Marvel Legends Ms. Marvel figure review - ready to get down

Where to get it?  I stumbled onto this set at Target, but it’s been incredibly difficult to track down even from Hasbro Toy Shop or for retail price. The best bet is probably ordering a set from Entertainment Earth. That way you’re assured to get Kamala without any extra hassle.