DC Comics reviews for the week of 4/19/17

Trinity #8

Trinity #8 cover

Trinity #8 has all the trappings of an absolute essential key issue in the ongoing overall Rebirth story. Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman are advancing against the mysterious green hooded figure on the cover and the new arc is entitled The Truth About Superman.

Given the fallout of Superman Reborn, this had the potential to be a great issue. Instead, it plays out like a weak tie-in issue trying to cash in on a popular event.


Superman is having dreams about a face-off with the New 52 Superman. He knows parts of his mind and memory have been altered, but he doesn’t know the extent of the change. To help get some answers, he goes to his pals Batman and Wonder Woman. Ideally, this issue would have explored the changes brought from Reborn. Did Superman and Wonder Woman have a relationship in this rearranged Superman continuity? Is Batman back to being BFFs with Superman or still see him as an outsider? And how does this impact The Trinity’s bond overall?

Guest writer Cullen Bunn doesn’t set out to answer those questions. The dream sequences don’t make a lot of sense as Superman has seemed very well adjusted post-Reborn. This story takes place before Action Comics #977, but it never tackled legitimate issues poised from Reborn. Batman and Wonder Woman provide out of character solutions that seem instilled for the sole purpose of future drama.

Trinity #8 interior art

Emanuela Lupacchino’s art was uncharacteristically soft in some pages with character faces suffering the most. Some panels featured flat character movement and panel layouts that cut off heads and faces without adding a lot to the storytelling presentation. Hi-Fi’s color were solid even if they weren’t at the usual dynamic Hi-Fi standards,

The last page teases a potentially interesting fallout, but the kickoff to The Truth About Superman proved an entirely skippable first chapter.

Rating: 4 out of 10

Image Credit: DC Comics
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