DC Comics reviews for the week of 4/19/17

Aquaman #21

Aquaman #21 cover

Aquaman is really delivering right now with this H2.0 storyline. There’s something very unnerving and thrilling about an Aliens-style mystery in Aquaman. And the sight of Aquaman and Mera in scuba gear is different enough to catch your attention.

Atlantis’ king and his future queen are searching for the secret to the creation of Deep Water. Meanwhile at the military outpost, the Aqua Marines are having an intense debate as to whether they should use the nuke that could stop future Deep Water incursions.


Writer Dan Abnett also revisits the political intrigue that’s made the book so fascinating with a new player looking to instill doubt on Aquaman’s leadership. These Game of Thrones style political machinations have proven to be pretty fun. After all there’s no sense in a title about a monarch without folks constantly trying to seize the crown.

Aquaman #21 interior art

But it’s the reveal of Deep Water’s creation that really sells this issue. Abnett has added a genuine horrifying character to his run and its ingenious origin ensures Aquaman and Mera could be very overwhelmed next issue.

Scott Eaton returns as the artist. Eaton’s work is improving as he’s able to better emote his characters and get more natural reactions out of them. The action sequences looked great and Eaton established some really nice perspectives. Gabe Eltaeb crafts some stunning backdrops

Rating: 9.5 out of 10

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