DC Comics reviews for the week of 4/19/17

Batman #21

Batman #21 variant cover

Since the initial tease in DC Rebirth #1, fans have been eagerly anticipating more info regarding The Button. Batman #21 starts to peel back more layers with a tremendous first installment of the Batman/Flash crossover.

There’s not a whole lot I can or really want to discuss without revealing significant spoilers. This is another story better read that said for readers, but it’s encouraging to see this arc won’t just focus on the previously revealed characters.

Writer Tom King sets up the stage nicely connecting a seemingly unrelated hockey game with events occurring with Batman.

Two main players from Flashpoint return and one wants that shiny button in Batman’s possession.

King is a more cerebral than writer and likes utilizing complex storytelling formats. There’s likely some Alan Moore influence in his writing, but King is able to tell his story without it being framed like a Watchmen rip-off.

Batman #21 interior art

To further this issue’s importance, DC tapped Jason Fabok to handle the art. There’s no story that can’t be improved by Fabok’s highly detailed artwork. Whether the action sequences or intense dialogue exchanges, Fabok provides an intense realism to his work.

In a nice subtle shout out, Fabok takes some cues from Watchmen artist Dave Gibbons with his panel arrangements on some pages. And Brad Anderson’s coloring gives the issue an extra polished and sharp appearance.

This issue has been one of the Rebirth era’s most anticipated releases since it was announced and it fully lived up to the hype. Don’t leave out the comic book store without grabbing this one.

Rating: 10 out of 10

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