Supergirl Exodus review S2 Ep. 15

If Exodus wasn’t a long overdue return to form of the amazing Season 1 version of Alex, it couldn’t overcome several plot holes and character inconsistencies. 

Cadmus is not messing around with its end game. Immediately they start rounding up aliens on the registry and prepping them to for a one-way trip off planet. In a lot of ways Cadmus is the bad guy, but the amount of effort they’re doing to get the aliens off Earth instead of just killing them is silly. There’s also the incredible luck that none of the other aliens have powers like Supergirl or Mon-El.


Cadmus crashed the alien hangout bar and reinforcing that notion, only Maggie and Alex put up a decent fight. James would have, but he was busy putting on his Guardian costume. Remember all the way back in Season 1 when James was such an important character? Now he’s like the 12th man on this cast.

With J’onn suspending her for her emotional conflict, Alex went rogue and tracked down Cadmus herself. I won’t complain about Alex being the show’s action hero, but it was silly that no one at DEO could think of such a simple plan. Or simply be on the lookout for a massive space ship parked outside a warehouse.

Alex was able to Luke Skywalker Jeremiah and get him back on the light side. Just in time for a ‘Superman’ vs Cyborg Superman battle with Henshaw. Tell your sister you were right Alex.

Supergirl Exodus -Kara


Supergirl fared better in stopping Cadmus from sending the ship into space. Cadmus sure did look like chumps for having such spotty security to let Alex break in and not factor in Supergirl holding back the ship.

It was weird that Alex and Kara both made the same mistake. Kara got the right consequence, but Alex got an apology. The message seemed to be it’s OK to break the rules if you’re right. Not that Alex was entirely wrong, but J’onn was right to question her commitment to the DEO. In the same way Snapper chiding Kara for being lucky, Alex lucked out with Jeremiah not being a full on villain.

Kara had a rough episode in what’s disappointingly becoming a pattern. Granted, Jeremiah isn’t her birth father, but Kara has shown more empathy for lesser characters. Worse, she dismissively blew off Alex when she needed help. Kara also continues to be the world’s worst journalist as Snapper had to explain the three source rule. Her crusade for justice and being a SuperWikiLeaks got her fired for blogging on Lena’s website. Kara’s reporting style is better suited for a blog anyway, but it’s frustrating that she didn’t seem to truly learn her lesson.

Supergirl Exodus -Kara and Mon-El

But the worst moment was the feminist icon Supergirl telling Mon-El maybe being Supergirl and being with him was enough. Replace girl with ‘mom’ or ‘wife’ and it’s every feminist nightmare come true for the show.

Exodus featured the welcome return of kick-tail Alex, but had problematic plot threads capped off by finding ways to make Kara frustrating. Mon-El continues to add little although that could change with the arrival of a new alien ship. This one under the command of Teri Hatcher (!) and Kevin Sorbo. Whoever she is, a Cain/Hatcher reunion needs to happen or everyone is doing this season wrong.

Rating: 8 out of 10

Photo Credit: The CW

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