Arrow Dangerous Liaisons review S5 Ep. 19

Dangerous Liaisons didn’t do much to advance the Prometheus main arc. It wasn’t a wasted episode though as it finally paid off Felicity’s big subplot.

Felicity found her loyalties tested. With Team Arrow and ARGUS unable to track down Prometheus, she turned to Helix for help. Felicity has been so blindly relying on them that she didn’t question when Alena wanted her to hack into ARGUS’ files. Not that Felicity is on the ARGUS holiday card list, but this seemed to cavalierly disregard Lyla’s close ties to Team Arrow.

It was nice to see Oliver and Diggle question Felicity’s allegiance. Felicity argued ARGUS was ineffective in finding Prometheus and went with the best resource available. This focus would make so much more sense if this stemmed from Felicity’s desire to avenge Billy’s death. But Felicity barely mentions him and Dangerous Liaisons framed it more as Felicity doing it to help Oliver out. That felt like a spark to keep the embers burning for Olicity fans.


In making this about a moral dilemma, I had a hard time seeing Felicity’s side. She tried to guilt Oliver into going along with her plan, but 1,000 times out of 1,000 she’d be the voice on the side hating on Oliver’s plans. Just this season, Oliver wasn’t down with bringing The Outsiders in all the way and she forced them on him. And let’s not revisit any of last year’s arguments. The score is Oliver: 7, Felicity: 42 at this point.

I wasn’t a huge fan on Lyla suddenly becoming Amanda Waller to help Felicity save face. The second Alena got that ARGUS agent killed in the elevator, Season 3 or 4 Felicity would have read her the riot act repeatedly. Now, she’s like whatever. While I hate the thought of my favorite Arrow couple breaking up, it’s always good to see Diggle and Lyla have sensible arguments.

Regardless of Felicity logic, this was excellent drama. Pitting Felicity against Oliver and Diggle made for an exciting dynamic. There has to be a reason we didn’t see Cayden James, right? Maybe the Helix genius is Papa Smoak with a new alias?

Arrow Dangerous Liaisons review - Felicity, Alena and Helix

The secondary story tonight focused on Quentin and Rene. As fathers, these two had some strong scenes about their daughters. Quentin offered some sage advice since he doesn’t have daughters around anymore and even arranged a visit for Rene and his daughter. Zoe calling Quentin ‘Hoss’ was a great touch.

Despite Felicity choosing Team Helix over Team Arrow, she gets ditched. This was kind of weird since Felicity unflinchingly proved her loyalty. I was disappointed Oliver didn’t lay into Felicity when she returned to the Arrow Cave like it was all good though. And for all her efforts betraying the team and ARGUS, they would have found Prometheus had they just chilled. Prometheus triggered a bomb that leaves Oliver and Felicity trapped.

Dangerous Liaisons forced Felicity to choose sides and the results were surprising. This wasn’t as strong an episode as previous weeks, but it was a nice change of pace.

Rating: 8 out of 10

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