World’s Smallest G.I. Joe Action Soldier figure review

I’m a huge G.I. Joe fan. It got me into comic books and action figures. But now it’s time for me to become a tiny Joe fan. Super Impulse has designed a pretty fun collectible for nuts like me with its World’s Smallest G.I. Joe figurine.

With Hasbro covering the 3 ¾ line, Super Impulse decided to go smaller. While I don’t have any of them lying around, Joe looks like he’d match up pretty well with the little green army men. In an obvious, but sensible move, SI went with Joe Colton — the original G.I. Joe.


In what might be my favorite part of the figure, he’s actually got life like hair like the old school Joes. There’s some decent sculpting considering the size of the figure right down to the boot laces.

World's Smallest GI Joe figure - left side

Articulation wise, he isn’t as flexible as the 3 ¾ figures. He’s got shoulders and hips. The hips actually have a nice range so you can get some good seated and running poses. I’m wondering if the lifelike hair affected the neck articulation. It would have been nice for Joe to look to the left or right.

Joe even gets an accessory with a pair of binoculars. Due to the arm articulation, he can’t hold them in an in-use pose. And the strap is in scale to the point it won’t go around his neck. While the binoculars are good it’s weird not having a gun with him.

I asked SI reps if they’d consider making World’s Smallest versions of the Real American Hero characters and that’s currently not on the table. I’m hoping that does become a possibility as these would make for perfect workspace-size figures for folks who want a more discreet collectible desk.

World's Smallest GI Joe figure - scale with Real American Hero Rock n Roll

For now collectors can build their World’s Smallest collection with Barbie, Gumby & Pokey, Pound Puppies, Hot Wheels, Stretch Armstrong and more.

At $5, is reasonable given the hair and one accessory. This isn’t a figure that needs a lot of articulation or weapons. It’s a novelty collectible, but a fun one for Joe fans.

Thanks to Super Impulse for providing the figure for review.