Marvel Legends Cyclops (2017) figure review

While he’s getting no love in the comic books, 2017 is shaping up to be the year of Cyclops. My favorite X-Men character is getting not one, but two of his most iconic looks in figure form. Today I’m looking at his ‘Jim Lee’ costume from the 2017 wave of X-Men Marvel Legends.

Package:  As one of the main fixtures of the X-Men it was fitting Cyclops gets the solo package treatment. That means drawings on both sides and a dedicated bio. He’s an easy to summarize character so his bio is actually fairly comprehensive…with Hasbro’s basic set up.

Marvel Legends Cyclops figure review -bio

There’s no figure warping wacky poses here and everything is right on display. Hopefully that will prevent repackaging from swappers.


Marvel Legends Cyclops figure review -main pic

Likeness:  Jim Lee drew Cyclops much buffer than previous artists. That didn’t quite vibe his Slim nickname. Hasbro opts for consistency here reusing the Bucky body like previous Cyclops figures. That’s a smart move and this body makes sense for him.

The expression is great. Cyclops isn’t a break out and smile type character, but he’s not constipated like the Toy Biz Wave 10 figure either. This one is just right. It’s focused, steady and assured. Like a battle-hardened leader who’s constantly faced off with Magneto and kept Wolverine in check for years.

Marvel Legends Cyclops figure review -loose bands

One thing that didn’t quite work is the execution of the 90s-era various straps that serve no purpose. Since it’d be an added expense to sculpt them on, Hasbro opted to add them as separate parts. That would be fine if they weren’t so big as they slide down with barely a look. You’ll want to have the super glue handy right away. The glove parts have minimal sliding, but it’s still annoying.

Marvel Legends Cyclops figure review -scale with Rogue, Wolverine, Sabretooth and Onslaught

Scale:  Cyclops is a regular guy. Maybe slightly taller than average in the comics, but that’s one of those open for artist interpretations so this size is fine. Any Cyclops that can look down on Wolverine is alright with me.

Paint:  Cyclops’ chest strap is painted in a deep yellow orange, which really stands out against the rest of the yellow parts. There’s no wash to the main outfit, but that’s fine here. The X-belt buckle was painted sloppily on mine. It should be easy enough to fix though.

The hair has a wash, which was more important to add some depth to the hair. Most importantly, the visor was sharply painted with the ruby quartz lining not overspraying.

Marvel Legends Cyclops figure review -ready for battle

Articulation:  Cyclops has the standard articulation so there’s nothing within reason he can’t accomplish including a running pose. Thanks to the open left hand, I was able to get some decent aiming optic blast poses.

Marvel Legends Cyclops figure review -running

Cyclops has:

    • neck
    • ball-jointed shoulders
    • bicep
    • elbow
    • wrist
    • wrist hinge
    • torso
    • waist
    • hip
    • thigh
    • knee (double-jointed)
    • ankle

Marvel Legends Cyclops figure review -with original X-Men

Accessories:  I know some collectors were pulling for an optic blast effect, but that wasn’t essential. It would have been nice to get the leather jacket he wore during this time period though. As far as useful accessories go, all the necessary ones are covered.

Cyclops does come with the right leg for the Build-A-Figure Warlock. I’m interested in building him, but he’s a BAF that will probably take me awhile to complete. Had Colossus been a classic version, the Warlock review would be done real quick.

Marvel Legends Cyclops figure review -with Jean Grey

Rating: 9 out of 10

The straps execution is off and the orange chest strap is distracting. Still, this is the Jim Lee Cyclops I’ve been looking for. This will be my new favorite Cyclops figure until the Dark Phoenix set is released.

Marvel Legends Cyclops figure review -Jim Lee X-Men

Where to Find It:  Right now the X-Men wave is just showing up at Target. Amazon is starting to get the wave, including Cyclops in or you can also grab the entire Marvel Legends X-Men Wave 2 from Entertainment Earth.X-Men Marvel Legends 6-Inch Action Figures Wave 2