DC Comics reviews for week of 5/3/17

Injustice 2 #1

Injustice 2 #1 cover

Just in time for the release of Injustice 2, DC kicks off its comic book prequel. If the game is anywhere near as fun as this first issue, consider me intrigued.

Writer Tom Taylor largely uses this issue as a set up to establish the new status quo. Even if readers never played the first game or read the original Injustice comic series, Taylor makes it easy to follow. Superman is imprisoned, Green Arrow and Black Canary are married in another realm. And Batman is keeping everything running smoothly with Harley Quinn at his side. But then Amanda Waller and her Suicide Squad have to come in and ruin everything. And what’s Dr. Fate’s new plan?


Taylor does some strong characterization here. Even in this somewhat warped DC Universe, the characters largely act and behave in an expected manner.

Injustice 2 #1 interior art

Artist Bruno Redondo provides strong pencils. While the first issue doesn’t really provide much by way of action, Redondo draws nicely expressive characters and utilizes solid framing to move the story along. Rex Lokus’ colors strike a nice blend of bright and cheery backdrops and dark, red-toned environments.

The cover is big time misleading as there isn’t some big stand off with the heroes united. That might be on the horizon, but the final page suggests some interesting steps along the journey.

Rating: 9 out of 10