R2-D2 joins the fray in Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes

I’m sure even the prequel haters have to admit R2-D2 didn’t have a bad scene. That little droid played a pivotal role throughout the story and even managed to get into more of the action. That more action-focused R2-D2 is sure to be the version included in Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes.

As part of the big May the 4th festivities, Electronic Arts announced R2-D2 is now coming aboard the game. But he won’t be coming easily. Players will have to unlock and battle R2.


To free up R2, players have to take part in The Daring Droid event. As an Imperial officer, you’ll have to capture R2 and the other heroes from A New Hope (Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, Princess Leia, etc.) After players unlock him, R2-D2 can use his stun and burn technique shown in Revenge of the Sith. Additionally, R2 can unleash his Electroshock Prod and Improvise abilities, which make enemies unable to avoid subsequent attacks.

Check R2-D2 in action in the newest Galaxy of Heroes trailer. Don’t delay though. The Daring Droid event ends in a week on May 11.

Image Credit: EA Sports

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